Oat: A Hero Ingredient – Success Story

Tissé is a relatively new brand to hit the Chilean beauty market. The brand cements itself firmly in the ever-growing indie category having been born out of one family’s personal need for highly effective, natural skin care to alleviate the symptoms of a severe atopic skin condition. Having tried and failed to find a suitable solution to her daughter’s skin woes, Tissé’s founder set out to learn how to make beauty and personal care products that would improve her loved one’s skin health and quality of life. This journey soon led to the creation of Tissé – a brand on a mission to improve the lives of those in search of the right remedy for their atopic skin conditions. At the core of the business is a desire to achieve this whilst upholding a commitment to the planet, its communities, and the environment, all alongside a natural ingredient promise.

The Products

Tissé’s products stand out due their seemingly effortless, no nonsense simplicity. The launch of two products containing only one singular, highly efficacious ingredient reflects similar sought-after product releases seen across the North American and European beauty markets. This type of back-to-basics, hero ingredient product effectively hands control over to the users, allowing them to enhance any beauty regime with the right ingredient as they deem fit: a more personalised solution driven by the rise of the ‘skintellectual’ consumer. This product concept, whilst high on every beauty enthusiast’s radar for many years, becomes particularly pertinent right now in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. As discussed in our recent technical article, frequent hand washing and use of alcohol-based sanitiser have become commonplace and, as a result, people are finding their skin taking a sudden, unexpected turn with severe irritation and dryness an unwelcome occurrence for many. Enter the single-ingredient personal care product. This product type, as offered by Tissé and featuring oat as the hero ingredient of choice, enables consumers to enhance any standard or perhaps otherwise lack-lustre hand care product to combat the sudden, temporary occurrence of extreme skin irritation. This means maximum benefit with minimal change to a long-standing beauty and personal care regime – what could be better?

Enhancing Oat Oil Drops

In an ever-luxurious and highly convenient dropper bottle, Tissé’s Oat Oil Drops are perfect for enhancing the benefits of standard skin creams and lotions whether they be for the hands, face or any other area of the body. The oat oil contained within helps to repair damaged skin, restoring the barrier with a powerful mix of skin-similar lipids which protect, soften and strengthen the skin. Tissé’s Oat Oil Drops are non-greasy and promise to leave skin magnificently soft to the touch – free from the discomfort caused by dryness – just moments after application. 

To use Tissé’s Enhancing Oat Oil mix 1 drop into applications of a rich body or hand cream.

Colloidal Oatmeal Sachet

Tissé’s Collidal Oatmeal Sachet brings far more than just a vibrant pop of colour to any bathroom shelf: it’s the perfect skin-soothing solution for extremely dry skin. Colloidal oatmeal has long been known for its anti-irritation properties, having been used in baths by the Egyptians some 4,000 years ago to treat skin conditions and other ailments. Just as back then, colloidal oatmeal is frequently used today for its ability to relieve skin redness, itchiness, dryness and other symptoms of severe irritation. Tissé’s deeply moisturising Colloidal Oatmeal Sachet delivers on all this and more by providing an intensely nourishing burst of hydration to the skin whilst working to maintain optimum moisture levels and protect against further water loss. 

To use the sachet, simply add the contents to a warm bath, mix with hands until dissolved, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sensations. 

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