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Current Trends Shaping the Beauty Industry

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies

Current Trends Shaping the Beauty Industry

Reviewing the currenttrends across recent events in the beauty industry, we’d like to share our insights.

Our experts at Oat Cosmetics have had the pleasure of attending recent industry shows; Suppliers Day, in-cosmetics Asia and SCS Formulate. These events host a wealth of knowledge, key insights and innovation that highlight the direction of consumer interest and industry advancements. After having the time to digest the information, our team have consolidated the current trends, shaping the beauty industry for 2024.

Wellness & Harnessing the Mind-Body Connection

The wellness trend has evolved beyond the awareness of self-care to include a whole host of sub-trends, shifting how consumers view beauty and personal care. The mind-body connection, is one of the key trends associated with wellness. It resolves around the acknowledgement that mental wellbeing has a direct impact on, self-esteem, physical appearance, and holistic health.

Holistic Beauty

This trend taps into understanding that a person’s mental state can significantly influence how they look and feel, and vice versa. Brands are acknowledging the holistic view on beauty and are incorporating the mind-body connection into the use and positioning of their products. Inspiring customers to invest in themselves in a way that supports their overall wellbeing.

Sleep and Stress in Beauty

Sleep and stress are big conversation topics in relation to beauty and wellbeing from the inside out. This includes topical products that protect, and repair stressed or tired skin. As well as treatments and routines that enhance the sleep cycle and can contribute to anti-stress self-care practices. Having a secure self-esteem in physical appearance, can also encourage confidence, supporting the ability to cope with stress.

Our holistic active Rejuvaveen, is an example of a beauty ingredient with capabilities to support wellness. Rejuvaveen protects against stress-related skin damage and addresses the concepts of emotional well-being and natural ageing.

Simplicity and Redefining Value

The simplicity trend within the beauty industry centres on embracing minimalism and shifting focus to quality ingredients and their function. Consumers’ perspective on value is no longer based around passive loyalty to premium brands with bold claims. They are now looking for ingredient’s information they understand and trust, to make a worthwhile investment.


With an abundance of skincare advice, tools, and ingredients it has come to a point where consumers are looking to strip back their routines. Either with multifunctional products, or ingredients that stimulate multiple benefits, for example supporting the skin microbiome. Focusing on natural skin functions, and supporting skin health has benefits to a range of skin concerns. This has extended the scope of efficacy, while using less products.


The science-led ingredients trend is the behaviour shift of consumers undergoing extensive research into what products they’re investing in. The focus is on their functions and the science behind the effectiveness. It revolves around formulations that are backed by proof, and scientific evidence. The demand for transparency on beauty products and their efficacy, is driving accountability for brands in the industry.


In a society where we are surrounded by communications driving beauty standards, it is essential to embrace diversity and honor individuality. Encouraging diverse representation in the beauty industry celebrates individuality and empowers consumers to feel connected to not only themselves but the beauty community. By supporting open conversations and inclusivity, brands have the opportunity to reflect and engage with our evolving culture.

Menopausal Beauty

The rise of menopausal wellness is driving education into practices and products that can support the lifestyle changes woman experience. There is a growing awareness of the symptoms of menopause, and how it effects woman on a daily basis. Brands are stepping up to empower woman with beauty products that directly links to common symptoms.

After menopause being generally underrepresented, the inclusivity movement encourages woman to talk candidly about their experiences, driving social acceptance and awareness.


Pro-ageing, and well-ageing are terms emerging in the beauty industry. They derived from the negative connotations with ‘anti-ageing’, a common description of products that target natural ageing symptoms. The movement is a rebrand of how ageing is perceived in the beauty industry, shifting to a realist focus, supporting natural ageing. There is more of a holistic view on pro-ageing, targeting the health benefits in beauty regimes, that can also reduce the visual signs of ageing. The important part of this movement is the change in language, from negative undertones, to promote empowerment and positivity.

Skin as an Organ

In the past, beauty and personal care products have been centred around rigid gender stereotypes. Whereas we are now in a new era where inclusivity, individuality and self-expression are being encouraged and celebrated. There has been a shift in the marketing of beauty products, where they are no longer confined to gender specifics, the targeting is progressively more symptom focused. Skincare brands are recognising skin as an organ and communicating their products in such way, relating to an inclusive audience.

At Oat Cosmetics we support the movements in all of these trends and look forward to engaging with them through our dynamic, inclusive and science-led ingredients. We recognise the importance of staying ahead of current trends and innovations shaping the beauty industry. We ensure we are connected to the conversations and science developments that are leading the industry.

Visit our product pages to get access to the latest data on each ingredient, by downloading our data packs.

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