Gift Guide to a Naturally BEAUTYful Christmas

Just like that, the holiday season is here once again! This year, starting with a lockdown and steadily transitioning out of the pandemic, we found some normality. But, ‘getting back to normal’ by no means meant going back to old habits. Over the pandemic, we all reflected. We saw some significant changes in consumer behaviour, especially in the world of beauty and cosmetics. We recognised how critical it is to look after our physical and mental wellbeing. The word ‘self care’ became more than a buzzword. Consumers ditched long and complicated skincare routines and looked for natural and minimal solutions. From big brands to digital influencers, everyone emphasised the importance of investing time in ourselves. We started to appreciate and find ways to reconnect with nature and the natural.

Skincare routines truly became the physical manifestation of self care. Nothing nicer than to spend the evening after a long day of work and spend some time looking after yourself. Nothing better than treating a loved one (or yourself) with the gift of skincare. With that, we share our gift guide to a naturally BEAUTYful Christmas, featuring Oat Cosmetics’ very own natural oat-derived ingredients.


Liz Earle’s Pro-Biotic Balancing Range

We have been loving Liz Earle’s new pro-biotic range, especially due to its natural positioning. It has been particularly exciting to be featured in their pro-biotic skin range with our skin active, aurafirm. This range of products embodies aurafirm’s unique blend of pre, pro, and postbiotics to strengthen and protect the skin’s moisture barrier while rebalancing the appearance of oily and dry areas.


Shop Liz Earle’s Pro-Biotic Balancing Range


AMELIORATE’s Intensive Treatments

Fill up those stockings with AMELIORATE’s intense formulations for those annoying dry skin days. We recommend keeping these handy at your desk or on the go. The cold winter days can be very harsh for the skin. Nothing more irritating than chapped lips and dry hands! The great thing about this product is that it uses Oat Lipid e which leaves you with overall softer, smoother, and healthier-looking skin.

Buy AMELIORATE’s Intensive Hand Cream

Buy AMELIORATE’s Intensive Lip Cream


Grow Gorgeous’ Luxurious Hair Treatment

‘Tis the season to not forget about hair! Just like skin, haircare received central-stage attention from consumers globally. After years of research and product development, we launched our Oat Hair range this autumn. We have found fantastic efficacy of our skin favourites on the hair. Featuring Oat lipid e, Grow Gorgeous’ intense thickening hair and scalp mask is the perfect gift as it leaves the hair visibly thick, soft, and absolutely gorgeous. Give your friends the gift of the ultimate night-in haircare routine with this luxurious hair mask.

View Grow Gorgeous’ Hair and Scalp Mask


Earth’s Bliss Bath Bombs (North America)

From big brands to small businesses, we love to see how our ingredients are used to innovate and revolutionise skincare. Showing some love to Mitranee Chatterjee, the founder of Earth’s Bliss, who creates her own skin recipes. She started her small business to make sustainable and natural products with powerful and effective formulations. Using our very own Oat COM, she has created a series of bath bombs that have a soothing and calming effect on the skin. Focusing on wellness, Mitranee has created some wonderful products that look, smell, and feel amazing!

Shop Earth’s Bliss Bath Bombs

Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Sensitive Replenish + Balance Moisturiser

As suppliers of natural ingredients, we are strong advocates of brands that take a proactive step towards ethical production. In 2014, Neal’s Yard became the first health and beauty brand to receive 100/100 for ethics by The Ethical Company Organisation. Starring our skin active, aurafirm, Neal’s Yard has formulated a moisturiser that deeply replenishes, hydrates, and comforts the skin.  As we all know, if there is one skincare product you should invest in, it’s a good moisturiser.

Buy Neal Yard’s Sensitive Replenish and Balance Moisturiser


We hope you liked our mini gift guide for this holiday season. Spread the cheer and share this blog post to inspire another skincare (and of course, haircare) fanatic like you! We are all about promoting transparency in the beauty supply chain. Learn more about what goes into the products you use by exploring our ingredients page.

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