Oat Cosmetics Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023-2024

We’re excited to share our latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR) for 2023-2024, showcasing our commitment to driving a positive change. This report offers a comprehensive overview of the initiatives, achievements, and challenges we have encountered over the past years as part of our CSR efforts.  

As a responsible company, we believe in contributing to social and environmental well-being and continually aspire to align our business operations with sustainable practices. At Oat Cosmetics, we firmly believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back, support the communities and the environment within which they operate while providing the highest quality products. 

Our Report 

In this report, we share our accomplishments, partnerships, and the meaningful changes we have implemented, underscoring our dedication to creating a better, more responsible future for all. We understand that Sustainability requires a multifaceted approach, which is why we explore the three concepts of People, Profit and Planet throughout this report. 


  • Community Engagement
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Workplace Environment


  • Charitable Giving
  • EU-centric Operations
  • Oat Research Projects


  • Supplier Practices
  • Green Chemistry Principles
  • Packaging & Transport Evaluation
  • Biodegradability Measurement

People, Profit and Planet 

In focusing on People, Profit, and Planet, we also aim to foster sustainable practices that not only protect the environment and preserve resources but also contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and communities, such as through charitable donations. This inclusive approach allows us to consider the diverse dimensions of sustainability and work towards improving each dimension within our business practices. 


While only a small company, we prioritise ensuring the Quality, Sustainability and Traceability of our products. This is why we endeavour to obtain and maintain certifications. 

Our certifications include:  

Just like any project, we realise that becoming fully sustainable is a process, which is why we have set ourselves a series of goals which we will aim to achieve within the upcoming years. We invite you to take a read of our comprehensive report, to fully understand our current positioning on CSR, our objectives and direction leading to 2024.  

Click here to download our latest CSR report 

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