Lip care and Effective Ingredient Benefits

When evaluating lip care and effective ingredient benefits, we look into how consumers use products within their routine. Lip care is a practice that has historically been reactive, rather than proactive in consumers self-care routine. As consumer education evolves, there is an increased interest in having a routine to support lip care, rather than relying on it as a treatment, for instance seasonally for dry lips.

In this blog we explore how consumers interact with lip care, and the current needs for products. This includes perceptions on skincare, claims, best treatments for efficacy and how to ensure formulations target these matters. We look at our active lipid complex product, AvenaPLex and how it can directly target the key claims in applications.

Lip skin vs body & facial skin

With continual advancements in the cosmetics industry and consumer knowledge, key skincare ingredients are now being sought out in body and hair care products. The desire and use of skincare-inspired ingredients across beauty and care products are often referred to as “skinification”, a trend that has also transferred to both lip care and colour cosmetics.

It is important to recognise the similarities and differences when considering treatments and the impact of popular skin beneficial ingredients. There are many similarities between lip skin, and the skin on the rest of our face and body.

While lip skin has fewer layers and no sebaceous glands compared to other parts of the body, it still shares similarities in terms of cellular structure, including the presence of keratinocytes, melanocytes and fibroblasts. Like other skin, the lips require proper hydration, protection from environmental stressors and nourishment. Ingredients that address these needs can be effective for both the lips and other areas of the skin.

Key properties and efficacy for lip care

Lip treatments have several important purposes and requirements in terms of efficacy:

  • Moisture retention
  • Prevention of cracking and chapping
  • Protection/healing properties
  • Comfort and smoothing texture
  • Non-comedogenic

Active Lipid Complex, AvenaPLex for Lip Care

AvenaPLex’s unique lipid profile comprises powerful surface-active molecules that assist in the rapid absorption of skin beneficial molecules, supplement skin lipids, and strengthen the dermis. The ingredients efficient molecular action for skin hydration, support, and nourishment, make it an ideal application for skincare products, including lip care.

Our unique and powerful active AvenaPLex, is an example of a beauty and personal care ingredient with capabilities supporting skin repair and replenishment.

Active Lipid Complex, AvenaPLex for Lip Care

Moisture Retention:

Dry and dehydrated lips are more likely to crack and develop painful fissures. Regular use of a lip balm helps maintain the integrity of the skin on the lips, reducing the likelihood of chapping.

AvenaPLex is an excellent emollient, helping soften and soothe the skin. The ingredient contains a minimum of 4% naturally occurring ceramides and essential fatty acids, phospholipids and tocopherols that support the skin’s barrier function. AvenaPLex will create a protective barrier on the lips, preventing moisture loss and keeping them hydrated. With emollient properties, AvenaPLex will provide long lasting hydration (thanks to its occlusive properties).With emollient properties, AvenaPLex will provide long lasting hydration (thanks to its occlusive properties).

Prevention of Cracking and Chapping:

Dehydrated lips are more likely to crack and develop painful fissures. Regular use of a lip balm helps maintain the integrity of the skin on the lips, reducing the likelihood of chapping.

AvenaPLex contains fatty acids that are similar to the natural lipids produced by the skin. This similarity allows lipids to be easily absorbed and helps replenish lost moisture of the lips. It behaves as a natural moisturisation for the lips. AvenaPLex contains Avenanthramides (300ppm). Avenanthramides are known to help strengthen the skin barrier. This is important for maintaining healthy, resilient lips, especially in harsh environmental conditions (cold weather protection). AvenaPLex will support the skin barrier of the lips. AvenaPLex will support the skin barrier of the lips.

Lip Protection/Healing Properties:

Many lip treatments contain ingredients like vitamins (such as vitamin E), antioxidants, and soothing agents that can promote healing and alleviate discomfort if the lips are already chapped or irritated.

AvenaPLex is rich in vitamin E (>100 ppm), which has antioxidant properties and can help protect the lips from environmental aggressors (like UV protection). The ingredient contains antioxidants such as Avenanthramides (300ppm) which combats oxidative stress and contributes to the overall protection of the lips, against environmental stressors. AvenaPLex has anti-inflammatory properties that will help protect and soothe irritated or chapped lips.

Comfort and Smooth Texture:

A well-formulated lip balm provides a pleasant texture and comfort to the lips. It can also enhance the overall appearance of the lips, making them look healthier and more youthful.

AvenaPLex is high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 which have been demonstrated to moisturise and protect skin from losing elasticity and firmness.


Lip balms should not contain ingredients that clog pores, as this can lead to the formation of acne or other skin issues around the lips.

AvenaPLex does not produce, nor increase, primary lesions in a significant manner. It is considered non-comedogenic and has been tested under the control of a dermatologist.

In evaluating the key properties of effective lip care, and AvenaPLex’s capabilities, it is clear that the ingredient would be a highly beneficial application to lip products. This targeting works both across lip treatment and balms, as well as colour cosmetics for multifunctional ingredients.

As consumer awareness and education continue to grow, there is a notable shift towards embracing a consistent lip care regimen, rather than merely treating issues like dryness on a seasonal basis. This evolution reflects a broader trend towards skinification of beauty products, and emphasizing the importance of establishing habits that support long-term lip health and well-being.

To find out more about efficacy of AvenaPLex, please visit our ingredients page to download the data pack. You can also get in touch with our experts here at Oat Cosmetics.

If you would like to speak to our experts about our products and services, get in touch.

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