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Glucaveen: Antifungal Activity on the Scalp Microbiome

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies

Glucaveen: Antifungal Activity on the Scalp Microbiome

We are excited to share with you the launch of new data on decreasing antifungal activity on the scalp microbiome. We tested Glucaveen, our natural, waterless hair active, for this claim:


Dandruff is a common scalp disorder characterised by excessive amounts of dead skin flakes. Therefore, this results in itching and irritation. To show efficacy, an in-vitro study was performed to evaluate the prebiotic effect of Glucaveen on the growth of a common microorganism found on the scalp. 

Glucaveen proven to decrease fungal activity on the scalp microbiome

Results of this in-vitro study showed that Glucaveen significantly inhibits the growth of Malassezia furfur.

Making Glucaveen the ultimate 3-in-1 hair active with moisture, strength, and scalp, this active is essential in any powerful haircare formulation. We launched this powerful haircare ingredient with proven efficacy in restoring hair moisture and strength. Now, we expand its profile by showing that it has significant efficacy in decreasing fungal activity on the scalp microbiome.

3 key claims for Glucaveen in haircare

That’s not all! Beyond efficacy, Glucaveen also holds some important credentials: 

Human Repeat Insult Patch test

Moreover, this is alongside other approvals that Glucaveen holds, including COSMOS approved, hypoallergenic, free from allergens, GMO-Free, not tested on animals, vegan, kosher compliant, halal compliant and China INCI compliant.

Glucaveen is a powerful, waterless hair active that has proven efficacy and incredible credentials. Conscious and sustainable beauty begins today. Let’s work together to make haircare formulations that are effective and kind to the planet.

View the Full Data Pack

View the details of the new study which assesses the antifungal activity of Glucaveen in our latest data pack:

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