NEW DATA for our Advanced Colloidal Oatmeal

With progressive research, we have new data showing the capabilities of our advanced colloidal oatmeal, Oat COM. We have results that show how Oat COM, as a functional ingredient, offers sought-after benefits to skin and hair.

Our new data includes studies on; skin repair, scalp microbiome and bacterial growth, gene modulation and biological activity.

Oat COM is a colloidal oatmeal, containing oat molecules which can improve skin condition. These molecules include: lipids, beta glucan and antioxidants. Our colloidal oatmeal is finely ground and processed, so the ingredient allows the molecules to benefit the skin and form a think film, binding the skin and acting as a protectant.

Oat COM for skin

Key Skin Conclusions from the studies show that Oat COM:

  • Acts as a ‘superfood for skin’, providing rich nourishment for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin.
  • Helps to restore the protective skin barrier and promotes skin healing.
  • Helps relieve acute irritation associated with dry skin conditions and to relieve itchiness, restoring the healthy skin barrier.
  • Acts as a natural emulsifier and locks in moisture leaving skin soothed and smooth.
  • Preserves the skin’s natural pH level, encouraging optimal skin functions.
  • Hypo-allergenic and microbiome friendly, for formulations suitable for face, body and safe on delicate baby skin.
  • Soap-free cleanser which doesn’t strip away the skin’s natural oils.

Skin Repair with Colloidal Oatmeal

62% Increase in Skin Barrier Function (compared with placebo)

Oat COM offers enhanced moisturisation, accelerated barrier recovery and leads to visible improvements in skin redness. The reparative properties of Oat COM are thanks to the skin interaction with oat beta-glucan and antioxidants present.

The foundation of current wellness skincare trends, is protecting the skin barrier. Focus has shifted from how the skin looks, to the overall health of the skin, and how that contributes to resolving skin concerns. This also links to the protective attributes of Oat COM, supporting the skins natural defences against environmental damage.

Oat COM for hair

Key Skin Conclusions from the studies show that Oat COM:

  • Provides a soothing effect to the scalp, aiding to increase scalp comfort by reducing itchiness, irritation, sensitivity, and tightness.
  • Acts as a skin prebiotic and contributes to improvements in microbiome diversity, balancing scalp health.
  • Repairs the hair from breakage and strengthens damaged hair by providing thermal protection.

Beauty for All

An inclusive ingredient for sensitive skin, across skin types

The sensitive skin, and hypo-allergenic friendly molecules in Oat COM, make it the ideal ingredient for skin and body care products. This includes being a great ingredient for baby care products! Especially with anti-irritant characteristics, Oat COM soothes the skin. With skin concerns such as nappy rashes, or reactive skin, Oat COM can strengthen the formulation to support these issues.

We are pleased to share the impressive benefits and formulation potential of Oat COM, with the new data. To learn more about the functional ingredients’ advanced profile and multiple studies, head to our ingredients page to download the Oat COM data pack and resources.

If you would like to speak to our experts about our products and services, get in touch.

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