Our core values are at the heart of everything we do and strive to be: innovative, accountable, ethical and so much more. They drive our operations and empower us to deliver on our promise to develop and supply natural cosmetic ingredients of the highest standard.

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Research and development is a core focus of our company. We continuously carry out research into the opportunities presented to us by the oat crop and invest our time into developing a portfolio of key cosmetic ingredients that meet current consumer demands and wider market trends.

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We have developed a range of ingredients which offer advantages to both the formulator and the consumer. We offer to the formulator the benefit of consistently high quality ingredients which are easy to incorporate; whilst the consumer benefits from products containing active molecules with proven efficacy.

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We take a green approach to produce natural, traceable ingredients which are supported by research and innovation. We work closely with our suppliers and consider them our knowledge partners in developing transparent, sustainable and short-chain supply logistics for our ingredients.

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We understand how our suppliers work, what our customer’s needs are and how we can best serve them long-term. In doing this, we recognise the need to have strong relationships with our manufacturers, expert formulators, and global network of carefully-selected distribution partners.

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We’re passionate about supporting our local community together with the broader nation and take pride in helping the communities in which we operate become better places. Through our work and additional activities we endeavour to assist and support the valuable causes, talent, and institutions on our doorstep.

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We pride ourselves on providing high quality ingredients and seek not only to maintain our quality of service but to constantly improve upon current standards. Our ingredients are ECOCERT/COSMOS approved natural, free from genetically modified ingredients, and not tested on animals. We are certified ISO 9001:2015.