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Active Lipid Ingredient for Well-ageing

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies

Active Lipid Ingredient for Well-ageing

Our active lipid ingredient for well-ageing, AvenaPLex, is developed from oats. With repairing and replenishing capabilities, AvenaPLex is a nourishing ingredient for mature skin.

What is well-ageing?

Well-ageing’ is a relatively upcoming term in the beauty industry. It involves embracing the natural ageing process, with a positive and holistic outlook. This can include the physical, mental, and emotional health to enhance one’s ageing experience.

There is an awareness for how there are a lot of negative connotations surrounding the natural ageing process. The beauty industry’s connection with ageing has often been fuelled by societal perceptions, unrealistic beauty standards, and a relentless pursuit of youthfulness.

‘Anti-ageing’ is a term that has been criticised for having a negative overtone. It is common for people to aspire to reduce visible signs of ageing, and prevent premature ageing, but the positioning of products in the beauty market can often play on insecurities and encourage damaging views on ageing.

Well-ageing in Skincare

This concept inspires self-care, healthy choices, and the use of products that nourish and support skin health without perpetuating unrealistic or ageist standards. Well-ageing focuses on celebrating and enhancing beauty as individuals, at every stage of life.

Targeting the health, support and stimulation of natural skin functions is a healthy way to enhance well-being and the radiance of skin. Skin support influences the appearance of skin and the visible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Molecules to Support Skin Health

Well-ageing is a concept that translates across our ingredient, AvenaPLex. An active lipid complex, with powerful anti-ageing effects, AvenaPLex repairs and replenishes the skin. The mechanisms of the ingredient mimic the natural makeup of the skin, and provide protection for healthy ageing.

Our unique and powerful active AvenaPLex, is an example of a beauty ingredient with capabilities to support well-ageing.

The key characteristics of this active ingredient include:

  • Skin-identical phytoceramides
  • Permeable phospholipids
  • Beneficial neutral lipids, sterol profile and free fatty acids
  • Anti-inflammatory avenanthramides

Q&A with Emilie on the molecule story & effectiveness

Emilie Gombert, Product Development Manager at Oat Cosmetics

How does AvenaPLex’s profile support well-ageing?

AvenaPLex’s profile shows that due to its complex lipid composition, it can rapidly repair, renew and protect the skin lipid barrier, helping to prevent and manage the signs of ageing. Its complex of skin-identical lipids, including ceramides, phosphatidylcholine, and phosphatidylethanolamine, gives rise to short and long-term protection of mature skin.

How does AvenaPLex hydrate the skin and what impact does that have on mature skin?

AvenaPLex deeply hydrates the skin by boosting the hyaluronic acid content in the epidermis and improving skin hydration in both the short and long term. Increasing skin hydration on mature skin will enhance barrier function and improve skin texture.

What are the benefits of skin ceramides to the skins appearance?

AvenaPLex helps to improve the appearance of ageing skin by replenishing skin lipids lost through biological ageing and increasing the level of essential ceramides in the skin. This results in visibly reducing the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles.

An innovative ingredient, thoughtfully developed to enhance well-aging products, AvenaPLex leverages the powerful replenishing properties of oats. It has a range of highly sought after capabilities that deliver heightened skin nourishment and resilience.

To find out more about efficacy of AvenaPLex, please visit our ingredients page to download the data pack. You can also get in touch with our experts here at Oat Cosmetics.

If you would like to speak to our experts about our products and services, get in touch.

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