We are proud to announce that Ecovardis, has recognised Oat Cosmetics efforts in sustainability with a bronze award!

Ecovardis is the worlds leading provider of sustainability ratings. They provide a sustainability rating to companies, reviewing their operations and impact. Benchmarked against high sustainability standards, organisations can assess operations and make improvements.

This ranks us in the top 73rd percentile of cosmetics organisations across the world. At Oat Cosmetics, responsible practices are a priority.  The award and recognition is a big win for us at Oat Cosmetics, because sustainability is a key component of everything we do. Receiving our bronze Ecovardis award, reinforces Oat Cosmetics’ commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable Working Practices

The Ecovardis report has highlighted areas we can work on to improve our responsibility efforts. We will continue to enhance our practices to achieve positive, sustainable influence. Reviewing our report, we were so close to achieving a silver rating, and are confident we will be celebrating a silver reward in 2024.

Our contribution to the environment, society, and our business performance is key. We prioritise sustainable practices and are committed to working with our stakeholders to create meaningful impact.

We scored above the industry average in all 3 categories (environment, labour and human rights and ethics). This is the first time we have had the Ecovardis assessment, as a small company and raw material supplier we are proud to have received these results.

Without the dedication and hard work of our team, this accomplishment would not have been possible. Through combined efforts we have incorporated sustainable practices across our business operations.

Thank you to our Oat Cosmetics teams, distributors, collaborators and customers for their ongoing support with our sustainability efforts. We look forward to striving for our silver award for 2024!

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