Aurafirm Proves a Popular Ingredient in Cosmetics

We recently launched aurafirm, a range of oat fermented actives combining Oat COM, our advanced colloidal oatmeal, and a specialised Lactobacillus strain. These ingredients enable aurafirm to provide a range of benefits to the skin such as accelerated microbiome recovery, hydration to firm and plump, and gentle exfoliation to reveal radiance. Given these highly beneficial properties and a consumer trend towards interest in the microbiome, aurafirm proves a popular ingredient in cosmetics.

We’re delighted to announce that aurafirm is now being used as a key ingredient in several of DU NORD SKIN CARE’s products. DU NORD SKIN CARE boasts a luxurious range of products inspired by Northern landscapes, containing bio-active ingredients to optimise skin health and boost vibrancy.

aurafirm can be found in the following DU NORD SKIN CARE products:

  • MARITIME Cleanser (for cleansing with gentle exfoliation)
  • PRAIRIE Serum (to soothe, tone, hydrate skin)
  • BOREAL Emulsion (to stimulate skin regeneration and repair)
  • ALPINE Emulsion (to help protect the skin against daily oxidative damage)
  • TAIGA Cream (to moisturise skin)
  • ARCTIC Mask (to purify, soften and hydrate skin)
Selection of DU NORD SKIN CARE products using aurafirm


As aurafirm proves a popular ingredient in cosmetics now is the time to contact your local distributor for a sample and start including it in future formulations.

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