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Beauty and Personal Care Colloidal Oatmeal

Beauty for all with Colloidal Oatmeal

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies

Beauty for all with Colloidal Oatmeal

Beauty for all, is inclusivity in the beauty industry. Colloidal oatmeal is an ingredient recognised for its versatile effectiveness, and safe use. Oat COM, our colloidal oatmeal product, has molecules that are safe for sensitive skin and hypo-allergenic.

Oat COM: An inclusive ingredient, supporting skin protection, and sensitivity.

The functional ingredient is effective, and trusted to feature in formulations targeting sensitive skin concerns. These characteristics also make Oat COM suitable for baby care products. Being a natural ingredient, which is also soothing and safe on the skin, it appeals to the consumers looking for minimalist products they can trust.

Inclusivity in Beauty

We have tested on a variety of skin types as well as across different genders and ages as we recognise that skin can behave and react differently to products. Our ingredients target symptoms and concerns, therefore we test across a wide range of participants, experiencing these symptoms to ensure our products are inclusive.

Oat COM’s sensitive friendly characteristics make it suitable for:

  • Male/Female
  • Baby care
  • Different skin types

Sensitive skincare for babies

It isn’t easy to trust cosmetic products for baby care, where their skin is so sensitive. The buying process for parents isn’t as passive as trusting the claims on the packaging. It includes research and recommendations to ensure the product is safe and effective, before they use on their baby.

Natural, simple skincare products are often the go to, as parents have more confidence in minimalistic ingredients lists, with names they recognise.

Colloidal Oatmeal’s soothing properties make it the perfect ingredient to support baby skin care products. The nourishing molecules also act as a skin protectant, promoting skin healing. These characteristics offer sought out enhancements to a formulation.

You can ensure every ingredient in your products list has a benefit, with Oat COM as a functional ingredient. 

Oatmeal for Skincare

Oats are well known for their nourishing properties. However, to benefit from their skin friendly molecules topically, you can’t just use homemade remedies with oatmeal you have in the kitchen cupboard. Colloidal Oatmeal for skincare requires the raw oats to go through a technical process to extract the ingredient with a higher level of skin supporting molecules. 

As a natural, well-known ingredient in the food industry for its nutritious benefits, there are positive associations, and trust in oats. Something you digest as part of a healthy diet, instils confidence when applying to skin.

In the areas of sensitive skin and baby care, this trust puts our natural oat ingredients at an advantage. Especially in a beauty landscape where customers are looking for transparency from brands, and researching the fine print to ensure the ingredients are safe, with high efficacy.

Facial skincare benefits, across body care

Popular skincare claims are being sought out across bodycare products. Elements of skincare routines such as soothing, moisturising and skin barrier repair are in rising demand for bodycare. In a recent Mintel report, 72% of customers agree that taking care of their body skin is as important as their facial skincare.

The soothing protective barrier that Oat COM offers works well across bath, body, and soap products, to offer additional daily skin support. Within a minimalist formulation, Oat COM can support a nourishing skincare routine, across face and body, for sensitive skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal, Trusted Across Skincare Products

Oat COM is a well-rounded functional ingredient, trusted for sensitive skin, and tested across different skin types. With versatile characteristics that support face, body and baby care formulations, Oat COM can enhance inclusive cosmetic products.

To find out more about the versatile ingredient benefits and efficacy, head to our ingredients page to download the Oat COM data pack and resources. For formulation advice or any other queries contact our sales team at [email protected]

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