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Trend Check: Healthy Ageing

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies

Trend Check: Healthy Ageing

Ageing is a natural process which we simply cannot avoid (no matter how hard some may try). A centuries-long search for solutions to the visible signs of longevity has seen consumers push the anti-ageing claim to the forefront of the beauty industry. But attitudes towards ageing appear to be shifting. Consumers are moving away from a mindset in which getting old is deemed unfavourable to one where ageing is embraced. As a result, there is growing emphasis on healthy ageing as opposed to anti-ageing. This means older consumers are seeking solutions that address underlying skin health, rather than simply tackling the superficial signs of ageing. Indeed, such a shift in perspective may be subtle, but we think it could be significant. So, for an insight into the healthy ageing trend – drivers, solutions, and all – read on.

What Is Healthy Ageing?

The inevitability of growing old has given rise to one of the most sought-after claims in beauty: anti-ageing. For the last five years, the functional claim has sat among the top three most frequently seen across global face/neck care launches. Only the moisturising claim surpasses it, and, arguably, this is also associated with an anti-ageing effect. The prominent market segment appears to be growing, too, with the proportion of beauty and personal care launches making an anti-ageing claim increasing by 25% in the three years to 2020.

However, despite ongoing activity within anti-ageing NPD, there’s somewhat of a shift in consumer attitudes taking place beneath the surface. Consumers are moving away from the idea that ageing is something to fear. Instead, they are embracing it for what it is: a sign of a life well lived. This is where the notion of healthy ageing – or ageing well – comes in, and it’s not something to overlook. At its core, healthy ageing is about looking and feeling good. Youthful-looking skin is still a primary concern, but the healthy ageing trend suggests that this is achieved through use of long-term solutions which prioritise underlying skin health. This is in preference to solutions which exclusively fight the superficial signs of ageing.

What’s Driving the Healthy Ageing Trend?

There are a few factors at play behind the rise of the healthy ageing trend. For the most part, it’s due to ageing populations. Remarkably, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 will hit 22% by 2050 – double what it was in 2015. The upshot of this is high demand for products which claim to boost overall health and wellness in view of the additional years of life. Companies across the consumer landscape are feeling the effects of this, with many already innovating.

The other driver of the healthy ageing trend is wellbeing. Centred around a holistic view of health, wellbeing means treating the body like an ecosystem. It’s about seeing the body as a whole rather than a collection of individual parts. Mintel has coined this concept ‘total wellbeing’ and consumers are actively in search of it. Unsurprisingly, beauty’s inherent association with wellbeing means the industry is bearing the brunt of demand for solutions. But today’s clued-up consumers are taking a more advanced approach to holistic health than simply using bubble baths to de-stress. Most now recognise the impact of lifestyle factors – such as lack of sleep and too much stress – on skin health, for example. This is ultimately intensifying demand for products that marry the benefits oflooking and feeling good.

Our Solution for Healthy Ageing

With skin health of increasing importance in the anti-ageing space, ingredients that enhance the underlying condition of the skin (the feel-good factor) prior to promoting a more youthful complexion (the look-good factor), are set to prove popular. To succeed at this, it’s first necessary to consider two key molecules which help to maintain skin health: hyaluronic acid – a humectant – and ceramides. With the former a powerful moisture magnet and the latter a component of the lipid barrier, hyaluronic acid and ceramides are of vital importance. However, their levels tend deplete with age, leading to a deterioration in overall skin wellbeing.

Fortunately, AvenaPLex is proven to boost the look and feel of the skin in precisely this regard. Indeed, the natural active not only up-regulates hyaluronic acid production but markedly replenishes skin ceramide levels within just 8 weeks of use. This improves hydration and enhances barrier integrity to fundamentally boost skin health. But there’s more. By prioritising the underlying condition of the skin, AvenaPLex proceeds to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful complexion. A perfect solution to the healthy ageing trend? We think so.

With wellness front of mind and people living longer than ever before, healthy ageing is trending. Consumers no longer want simply to fight the signs of ageing but to find solutions that also address skin health. This is due to new-found emphasis on ageing well – ensuring happiness and health in the additional years of life. Ultimately, AvenaPLex presents an ideal solution for beauty brands seeking to align their NPD with this emerging trend. Targeting the underlying condition of the skin first and foremost, the powerhouse active hydrates and protects to promote a wrinkle-free complexion.

Innovate to Meet Consumer Needs

AvenaPLex ensures aged skin feels just as good as it looks

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