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New Process: Aurafirm Products

Shatakshi Naik

Shatakshi Naik

New Process: Aurafirm Products

We provide natural ingredients of the highest quality which are grown using modern and sustainable farming techniques, ensuring full traceability from field to face. As a part of our ongoing commitment to improving our processes and manufacturing, our processes are thoroughly reviewed and optimised to be as sustainable and efficient as possible. In this blog, we will share the changes made to the manufacturing process of our aurafirm family.

How are the aurafirm products made?

The aurafirm products (N, P and S) are made using our trusted colloidal oatmeal, Oat COM.  This oat ingredient is packed with oat beta-glucans, avenanthramides, oils and protein all of which are beneficial for the skin. We use the power of fermentation to break down the cell wall structures of the oats. This means key compounds such as antioxidants, bioactive peptides and amino acids become easily bioavailable.

How aurafirm is made

New process: What is the change?

The aurafirm grades were manufactured in one process but now aurafirm N and P are made separately to meet the demand for the individual products whilst minimising the wastage of resources and increasing the production capacity of aurafirm N. The new and optimised process ensures efficiency and is more sustainable, and does not compromise the quality of the individual products.
These are the 3 main reasons why we have updated and refined the process:

  • Meeting Demand: By manufacturing aurafirm N and aurafirm P separately, we are more effectively meeting the demand for the three products.
  • Increasing Efficiency: We are improving the efficiency of the product by ensuring that we are reacting to the demand for our products, and creating a process that is adaptive to those changes.
  • Reducing Waste Stock: By separating aurafirm N from the process, we are removing the level of co-dependency between aurafirm P and N. This means that we can produce more or less of one product without producing the unwanted stock of another.

Summary of the new process

Stage 1: Fermentation
In the first step, Oat COM is fed to multiple lactobacillus strains. These are specialised strains that have been developed over 50 years to ensure that it is the ideal complex to ferment Oat COM. During the fermentation process, Oat COM is completely converted to biomass and organic acids, creating bioavailable molecules.
This stage is a common step for all three products.

Stage 2: Separation
firm N is then separated from any excess sediment. It is then filtered and pasteurised to deactivate the Lactobacillus strains, ceasing the fermentation process. aurafirm P is either pasteurised or further filtered and then pasteurised to produce aurafirm S.

All three grades are pasteurised in the last step. Pasteurisation deactivates the Lactobacillus and therefore stops the fermentation process. aurafirm products do not contain live bacteria due to this step, however, our studies have demonstrated that the heat-killed bacteria are present with intact cell walls and membranes.


Our team at Oat Cosmetics collectively works to optimise the manufacturing processes to meet the changing demands whilst maintaining the superior quality of our oat ingredients. By sharing the new fermentation process, we hope to increase transparency with regard to how we are continually working on improving the efficiency of our manufacturing processes.

For more information on our aurafirm products and beyond, view our product page.

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