Supporting WWF to Protect the Sabah Forest

In a world of climate crises, it is vital to acknowledge the vast interconnectedness of the ecosystem that we live in. In other words, globalisation means that our choices influence not only us but also those across the far corners of the earth. Consequently, it is our responsibility as individuals, businesses, and nations to prioritise sustainability. Therefore, we need to act in ways that promote conservation, preservation, and restoration. Keeping corporate responsibility at heart, we have decided to continue supporting WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). Last year, we became a guardian to support the ecosystems in Asia. WWF is a leading conservation organisation. They work across the globe to develop and deliver pioneering solutions that protect communities and wildlife. This year, our £3000 donation will contribute towards conserving one of the oldest rainforests, Sabah.

Oat Cosmetics’ continued relationship with WWF

The Cause and Goals

Deforestation for palm oil production has resulted in detrimental environmental consequences. Sabah, based in East Malaysia, has first-handedly faced these impacts. WWF is working extremely hard to reverse some of these issues to protect Sabah’s wildlife. They aim to rebuild 750 hectares of declining forests. In particular, they will focus on the area between Mount Wullersdorf and Ulu Kalumpang. WWF has set the goal to build ‘an ecological corridor between the two areas, enabling orangutans and other animals to move freely to find food and mates.’ (WWF, 2022). By supporting WWF, our donation will be used to:

  1. Firstly, to create comprehensive restoration plans that fund the health of the forests and the breadth of wildlife in this area.
  2. Secondly, to replant native tree species, including fruit trees, that provide food for orangutans.
  3. Thirdly, to assess forests for their value as practical barriers against coastal erosion and as breeding grounds for fish and shellfish caught by local fisheries.
These apes play a key role in keeping the forests healthy by dispersing fruit seeds.

Why Is It Important to Support Sabah?

Borneo has lost one-third of its forest over the last 50 years. This is entirely due to unsustainable logging, fires, and palm oil production. This means millions of tonnes of carbon are released into the atmosphere substantially contributing to global warming. Consequently, this puts immense pressure and stress on already vulnerable wildlife, which includes apes, elephants, monkeys, and bantengs. As more than one-fifth of the Sabah forest is deforested, It makes it harder for many orangutan populations to survive. These apes play a key role in keeping the forests healthy by dispersing fruit seeds. Bantengs control tree growth through grazing and encourage a range of plants to grow. Each and every species plays a crucial part in maintaining the health of this rainforest.

How Can You Support WWF?

Over the years, WWF Guardians have been instrumental in helping protect disappearing habitats, fragile ecosystems, and endangered species. You can also support WWF by becoming a guardian yourself here:

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