We research, develop and supply natural ingredients, derived mainly from oats, for the beauty and personal care market. These ingredients are sold globally through a network of specialised distributors with expertise in the cosmetic sector. All our ingredients are produced to the highest standards, using modern, sustainable farming practices to ensure full traceability from field to face.

Our ingredients are produced to the highest standards using sustainable farming practices

We take a green approach to produce natural, traceable ingredients which are supported by research and innovation. We work closely with our suppliers and consider them our knowledge partners in developing transparent, sustainable and short-chain supply logistics for our ingredients.

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  • Community Engagement
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Workplace Environment
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  • Charitable Giving
  • EU-centric Operations
  • Oat Research Projects
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  • Supplier Practices Green
  • Chemistry Principles Packaging & Transport Evaluation
  • Biodegradability Measurement

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