Oats in Hand Care: Handwashing Trial Highlights

In a recent press release we unveiled new data demonstrating the effectiveness of our oat-derived ingredients when incorporated into hand care formulations. This data has garnered a fantastic response from our global distributor network and customers alike, having launched at a time when the need for innovation and top-tier formulation in the hand care market is greater than ever. As a result of its success, we’re excited to today reveal some highlights from the study alongside a handful of exclusive insights, facts and figures every product development team needs to know.

Oat Ingredients Enhance Consumer Sentiment in Hand Care

Our handwashing trials sought to determine the ability of three of our ingredients – Oat COM, aurafirm P, and Oat Lipid – to repair the skin following excessive handwashing. Over a period of four weeks, 35 volunteers were required to wash their hands 5 times a day for at least 20 seconds or more with antibacterial soap. In this time frame they were asked to assess the condition of their hands before and after use of a hand cream containing either Oat COM, Oat Lipid, or aurafirm P and a placebo cream. The results? See for yourself in our downloadable infographic (or table) below.

Oats in Hand Care Infographic Showing Handwashing Trial Highlights
Infographic Showcasing Handwashing Trial Highlights
Hand Cream Key IngredientTrial Results
aurafirm P• Adding aurafirm P increased the hand cream’s value
• Despite being a trial formulation, over 2/3 said they would purchase the hand cream
• 2x as many said their hands felt smooth compared to before
• “It took the sting out of my hands that I felt due to excessive hand sanitiser. This has really helped!” – volunteer comment
Oat COM• 100% relief from hand dryness
• 100% alleviation of skin redness and damage
• More than 3/4 rated the product 7 or above out of 10
• “It absorbs excellently and my hands are soft & soothed. Would love to know the brand as I want to purchase!” – volunteer comment
Oat Lipid• 55% more felt their hands were in better condition than after placebo
• 100% said their hands felt more moisturised
• “My hands are moisturised and less dry and red. Would recommend if suffering due to handwashing as this made a great difference!” – volunteer comment

To download our handwashing highlights infographic shown in this post, use the button below. Alternatively, to see our handwashing trial data in full and to download a copy of our latest datapacks, head to our ingredient pages – Oat COM, aurafirm P, and Oat Lipid.

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