2017 Brand Audit – The Results are in…

Oat Cosmetics 2017 Brand Audit Results

At Oat Cosmetics, our customers are our number one priority and their feedback helps us continuously improve our business. At the end of 2017 we under-took our annual Brand Audit – a measure of customer satisfaction from our global distribution network. The results are in and we are pleased to share them with you.

Across all areas of the business, we saw an increase in satisfaction compared to 2016, despite the 2016 Brand Audit scores being very strong in their own right.

Brand Audit 2017

Strong Brand Audit Results from Oat Cosmetics
Results of the 2017 Oat Cosmetics Brand Audit.

Brand Audit Summary


Levels of satisfaction in our ingredients (Oat COM, Oat Lipid e, Oat SILK, DermiVeil and Virgin Poppy Seed Oil) in 2017 rose to 9.11 out of ten from 9.07 the previous year.

Customer Service

Customer Service levels saw a large improvement in 2017, rising to 9.48 out of ten from 9.22.

Sales Support

Sales Support saw a 0.15% rise in 2017 to 9.41.


Branding built strongly on 2016, moving from 9.11 out of ten to 9.45.


The 2017 Brand Audit results are very strong but there is still room for improvement and as a company we are committed to making sure that we continue to exceed expectations in 2018. We have a number of new ingredient launches planned for the year, global exhibitions and new ingredient data releases but making our distributors and customers happy is what is key and we will continue to work hard to ensure that this happens.

We are always happy to receive feedback from customers via our contact us page.

Oat Cosmetics is part of the Oat Services Group.

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