Oat COM Studies – New Data Pack

Oat COM StudiesWe are proud to release our latest data pack for Oat COM, our most advanced colloidal oatmeal.

Other standard colloidal oatmeal’s heavily rely on the FDA monograph for claims, but Oat Cosmetics’ have thoroughly tested Oat COM to prove it is the most advanced colloidal oatmeal on the market.

What Oat COM studies are in the Data Pack?
  • Microbial Purity
  • Enhanced Beta-Glucan Levels
  • NEW! – HIF-1α Pathway
  • Water and Oil Absorption Capacity Studies
  • Short Term Greasiness Trials
  • Long Term Skin Trial
  • EXTENDED STUDY – In-Vivo Skin Repair Study

Request the latest Oat COM Data Pack!

To discuss Oat COM in greater detail, please contact Angus Robertson, Business Development Manager on + 44 (0) 2380 767228 or email ar@oat.co.uk.

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