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Oat Cosmetics have released the results of an in-vivo clinical trial for their multifunctional ingredient Oat COM – extruded colloidal oatmeal, confirming its anti-irritant capability.

Oat Cosmetics have undertaken an independent investigation to assess the skin barrier damage repair properties of Oat COM with an occlusive skin patch . This study was carried out on 15 healthy adult subjects over a period of 10 days. Two skin areas on the volar forearms were pre-irritated using a 0.5% Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate solution, one area was covered with an patch coated with 0.6% Oat COM and the other an uncoated control. The test sites were assessed at day 0, after 24 hours, 5 days and rate of recovery compared.

Results: The combination of Tewameter and Corneometer results showed that Oat COM supported the increased repair rate of the skin. The data additionally showed statistically significant better recovery than the control site on Day 5 for assessments of skin hydration, skin cracking and visual erythema. Visual erythema scores were extremely impressive.  The assessment scores at day 1 showed skin damage rating from moderate erythema to severe erythema with oedema. This damage was completely resolved at day 5 in the Oat COM coated patches, the control test site still showed well-defined erythema. Ed Galley of Ed Galley Associates described this as a “significant result”.


Oat Cosmetics explain that this effect is likely to have been caused by the interaction of the oat beta–glucan and anti-oxidants (Avenanthramides) contained within the colloidal oatmeal.  Oat COM’s patented process enhances the bio-availability of these molecules, making Oat COM an ideal ingredient for inclusion in sensitive skin products, where soothing and moisturising properties are important such a s after-sun care creams or baby lotions

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