Countdown to In-Cosmetics Global: 4 days to go

There are only four days left until in-cosmetics Global 2017. In the office we’re getting ready for what’s going to be a great few days in London and we’re excited to get everyone talking about the power of Oat ingredients.

Countdown to in-cosmetics Global: Day #4 Oat SILK

On day four of our countdown we are looking at the Oat SILK (Avena sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour). Oat SILK is a very finely pressed oat extract that acts as a highly effective textural and sensorial ingredient. It provides a luxurious feel to formulations due to its natural lipid and antioxidant content. Oat SILK leaves the skin feeling silky and non-greasy after absorption.

Where can I find Oat SILK?   

Oat SILK can be found in a wide range of skin care and colour cosmetic formulations:

  • Oat Serum – Oat SILK  can be found in this silicone-free facial serum, giving it a lightweight and non-greasy feel after application
  • Colour Cosmetics – Oat SILK is a fantastic addition to colour cosmetic formulations. It is particularly useful for bb creams and liquid foundations to help enhance the luxurious characteristic of the makeup and leave a lightweight feeling on the skin. Oat SILK is also perfect for use in pressed powders, such as bronzing and mineral powders, because of its high level of compressibility.
  • SPF Creams – After only 3% of Oat SILK is added to SPF 15 creams, the emulsion of the product into the skin is greatly improved. Oat SILK also creates a non-greasy cream, something that is particularly sought after in SPF creams.

If you’re heading to in-cosmetics Global in London from the 4th-6th of April, be sure to come and see us at stand LL01 and feel the soothing properties of Oat SILK for yourself!

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