In-Cosmetics Barcelona was a whirlwind of award ceremony’s to celebrate innovative and exciting ingredients! We’ve rounded up our personal highlights below.

In-Cosmetics Green Ingredient Award Oat Cosmetics

In-cosmetics celebrated its 25th anniversary by introducing several features such as new awards and pavilions. We were thrilled that our organic colloidal oatmeal, Oat COM ORG, was nominated for the Green Ingredient Award which recognises raw materials that makes a significant environmental or social difference in the area of sustainability.

BSB Innovation Prize Oat Cosmetics Oat Lipid

Another highlight of the show was the BSB award ceremony. Hosted by BSB’s founder, Dr. Jan-H Riedel, Oat Cosmetics oat oil ‘Oat Lipid’ gathered much attention and won the prestigious BSB Innovation Award – a huge win for the humble oat! This award recognised the ‘most innovative functional cosmetic raw material’. Click here to watch the award ceremony and speeches in full!

BSB Innovation Prize - Oat Cosmetics Oat Lipid

We are looking forward to In-cosmetics Paris, 12-14th April 2016 and hope to see you there!