The Baby Care Market – An Overview

According to Mintel, the baby care market has remained relatively steady over the past few years, with the majority of the top ten claims focusing on the caring and gentle aspects of the products as well as the fact they are ‘dermatologically tested’ to reassure parents. New soap and shower launches for babies and children put their focus upon safety, the use of natural ingredients and free-from claims with consumers willing to pay more for such products.

The Baby Care Market – Dads, what are you Doing?!

It turns out that Dads are getting much more involved in baby routines than they ever have previously, mainly down to the improved parental leave rights which have increased over the past decade. In being more involved, Dads are also providing new challenges and opportunities for manufacturers and brands to overcome and assist with:
  • Over half of Dads find the range of babies’ and children’s products overwhelming.
  • Men are more likely than women to buy more traditional products such as baby lotion, baby powder and baby oil.
  • 56% of Dads have run out of a product and had to immediately go to a shop to replace it.
  • 36% of Dads seek the advice of experts, rising to 44% of those aged 16-34.
So there you have it! The baby care sector is healthy, Dads are trying hard but need some help and oats are great in baby products. What’s more:
  • Younger children have more baths; 31% of one-year-old babies have seven or more baths per week.
  • Allergies and intolerances are a key concern. Parents are more likely to conduct thorough research or opt for natural alternatives.
  • Bath additives saw the biggest uplift in innovation, growing from 15% to 21% of total new product development.

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