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in-cosmetics Global 2024: Trends Leading in Beauty



in-cosmetics Global 2024: Trends Leading in Beauty

Oat Cosmetics exhibited at the highly anticipated personal care and beauty show, in-cosmetics Global 2024, hosted in Paris. It was once again a pleasure to engage with the community and the innovations paving the future of the industry.

From trends, to breakthroughs and innovation we unveil what was showcased at this year’s show. Join us as we dissect the highlights and transformative developments that are reshaping the personal care landscape.

Eternal Radiance: Embracing Ageless Beauty

With ageing being one of the leading consumer interests in the beauty industry, it is refreshing to see the focus shift from dismissing natural ageing to empowering beauty at all ages. Brands are increasingly positioning beauty products for symptoms of ageing to support skin/hair health, rather than negative connotations in ‘anti-ageing’.

Ageless beauty caters for mis and under-represented communities by inspiring engagement in healthy skin/haircare and opening conversations on the natural ageing process. This inspires inclusivity, tailoring products to honour different life phases, connecting with consumers genuine experiences for healthy ageing.

“In this era of Eternal Radiance: Embracing Ageless Beauty, the distinction between biological and chronological age is being redefined. Instead of only counting years, the emphasis now rests on nurturing vitality and resilience. For instance, formulations rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C or retinol not only target visible signs of ageing but also fortify the skin’s natural defences, promoting longevity and radiance.

There is a concerted effort to foster inclusivity and initiate candid conversations surrounding self-care practices, broadening the reach of beauty products and cultivating a culture of acceptance and empowerment. This transformative perspective invites individuals to embrace a journey towards radiance that transcends traditional age-related norms, celebrating the inherent beauty present in every stage of life’s journey.”

– Emilie Gombert, Senior Product Development Manager

Advancements and Efficacy Focus in Haircare

Haircare continues to evolve from simple, basic upkeep in washing and styling, to consumers educating themselves on hair health to nourish the scalp and hair follicles, for optimal hair health. Routines prioritising hair condition are advancing as many hair wellness practices directly correlate with noticeable visual improvements.

As the ‘skinification’ of haircare develops, skincare actives are increasingly being used in haircare products. For instance, ingredients that support the skin microbiome are being used in shampoos and scalp treatments. With engaged consumers being more ingredient savvy, there’s a rising awareness regarding key molecules and their beneficial effects on both hair and skin health.

All-inclusive Self-care: Neuroglow

Some may say the beauty and personal care industry is built on the power in making people feel good. There is a multitude of factors that interconnect to achieve overall wellness and confidence in appearance.

The neuroglow trend highlights this circular approach, including physical, mental and emotional well-being. Lifestyle and self-care are connected with enhancing confidence, the results of these positive emotions supporting well-being can manifest back into visual beauty benefits.

Sleep is a major lifestyle factor that influences a person’s physical and mental health. It is an example of the circular influence, where practices of self-care and levels of self-esteem can either promote restful sleep or contribute to sleep deprivation, depending on their quality and consistency.

“The ‘Beauty Sleep: Circadian Rhythm Skincare’ seminar was truly eye-opening. The fusion of skincare with the body’s natural rhythms highlights a promising trend. It has sparked ideas on how Oat Cosmetics can innovate and cater to consumers seeking natural solutions for rejuvenating beauty sleep.”

–  Jenna Marsh, Head of Marketing

The Influence of Holistic Health

In-cosmetics Global 2024 highlighted numerous cosmetic trends that are leading the industry landscape. The key trends we have discussed reflect the influence holistic health has had on the beauty and personal care industry. Holistic beauty and wellness translates across all three trends; ageless beauty, haircare evolution and neuroglow.

Oat Cosmetics connect with holistic health and each trend as our multi-faceted ingredients provide high efficacy that relate to current focuses and conversations in the beauty industry. Through scientific advancements our oat derived ingredients, contain molecules that target skin and hair health.

If you would like to speak to our experts about our products and services, get in touch.

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