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Skin Identical Ceramides from Oat Ingredients



Skin Identical Ceramides from Oat Ingredients

Ceramide Enrichment to Support a Healthy Skin Barrier

Skin identical ceramides have a powerful influence supporting a healthy skin barrier. Ceramides are one of the key components found in oat cosmetics Active Lipid Complex, AvenaPLex. These molecules play a crucial role in maintaining the skin’s barrier function, hydration, texture, and overall health. In this blog we explore the power in replenishing ceramides and why incorporating skin-identical ceramides into your skincare products is highly impactful.

Skin Health with Ceramides

Ceramides support optimal skin health by strengthening the integrity of the skin barrier. Over time, the skin naturally ages, leading to a decrease in ceramide levels which can result in a compromised skin barrier. This can cause skin concerns such as: dryness, irritation, roughness and an increased vulnerability to external damage.

Skin-identical ceramides are ceramides that closely mimic the natural ceramides found in our skin. Their chemical structure is identical to human skin ceramides, making them incredibly effective at replenishing and restoring the skin barrier.

Active Lipid Complex with Skin Identical Ceramides

“As experts in oat-based skincare solutions, we understand the pivotal role that ceramides play in maintaining the health and resilience of our skin’s protective barrier. While plants do offer phytoceramides, it’s crucial to note that their structures can differ significantly from those found in human skin. This distinction arises from differences in sphingoid bases, the backbone of ceramides.

In human skin, ceramides typically contain sphingosine or closely related bases, whereas plant-derived ceramides may feature diverse bases that don’t precisely match those in our skin.This structural diversity suggests that plant-derived ceramides may not be direct substitutes for those naturally depleted in our skin.

Moreover, while cholesterol is the dominant sterol in human skin, it’s not always the case in plant lipids. This difference in sterol composition further underscores the potential limitations of relying solely on plant-derived ceramides to replenish and restore our skin’s barrier.

In response to these challenges, our team has developed AvenaPLex, a groundbreaking active ingredient with a composition that mirrors the ceramides found in human skin. Our meticulous profiling has revealed that AvenaPLex contains ceramides featuring skin-identical sphingosine and phytosphingosine bases, ensuring optimal compatibility and efficacy.”

Emilie Gombert, Senior Product Development Manager at Oat Cosmetics

Extracted from Crude Oat Oil

AvenaPLex is a viscous liquid with a deep yellow to brown colour that is extracted from crude oat oil using ethanol.

Patented Active Lipid Complex

AvenaPLex’s unique lipid profile comprises powerful surface-active molecules that assist in the rapid absorption of skin beneficial molecules and supplement skin lipids.

The growing interest in plant-based skincare solutions reflects a desire for natural extracts that can enhance and fortify the skin’s barrier. With AvenaPLex, skincare formulations can now harness the power of ceramides that closely resemble those naturally occurring in our skin. By addressing ceramide deficiencies, AvenaPLex helps combat issues like roughness and dryness, restoring vitality and resilience to the skin.

Applying AvenaPLex to the skin increases the level of essential ceramides within the skin

As the skin ages, the thickness of the dermis decreases, leading to a reduction in beneficial molecules like collagen, hyaluronic acid, and glycosaminoglycans. Additionally, the reduction of ceramides, further contributes to the ageing process and development of wrinkles.

Oat ceramides in the form of AvenaPLex:

  • Effectively delivered into the stratum corneum
  • Proven source of skin replenishing ceramides
  • Skin barrier improvement
  • Anti-ageing efficacy (crow’s feet wrinkle reduction)
  • Mimicking the structure and function of the skin’s barrier

Addressing ceramide deficiency through skincare products containing ceramides or ingredients that support their synthesis can help restore and maintain the skin barrier, improving overall skin health and appearance.

Supported by substantial data, AvenaPLex has been classified as containing ceramides possessing identical chemical, isotopic, and stereochemical structures to those found naturally in human skin. The composition of AvenaPex renders it an ingredient that will enhance products aimed at replenishing and strengthening the .

Discover AvenaPLex a powerful active lipid complex with skin identical ceramides and proven results increasing ceramide content.

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