From Field to Face

We source our specialist, cosmetic-grade oats from farms across Finland and Sweden. Nordic oats are renowned for their exceptional quality due to the countries’ unique arctic climate and unrivalled farming expertise, meaning we can be sure our cosmetic ingredients are made with some of the best oats in the world. Since the birth of Oat Cosmetics, we’ve worked closely with local farmers and farming cooperatives to refine our oat harvesting processes with a view to producing high-quality, traceable oats through sustainable practices, and are proud to be able to follow the journey of our oat-derived ingredients from field to face.

Our Ingredients

We supply a range of trend-driven, oat-derived cosmetic ingredients worldwide through a network of specialised distributors with expertise in the cosmetic sector.  To download our general brochure, providing a summary of key information our company, our ingredients, and the sales enquiry process, please click here.


Fermented Oat Actives


Unique Active Lipid Complex


Advanced Colloidal Oatmeal

Oat Lipid

Ceramide-Rich Oat Oil


Super-Fine Oat Powder

Virgin Poppy Seed Oil

Sustainably Sourced Virgin Oil

A History of Oats

Oats are steeped in a rich history spanning thousands of years; their benefits standing the ultimate test of time and the knowledge of their varied uses passing from generation to generation. Explore the key milestones in oat history below.

Oats in Medicine

Across Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula, oats are used in various forms – food, tea, baths – to treat health conditions such as anxiety and insomnia, and skin conditions such as eczema, burns and other inflammatory eruptions.

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