aurafirm microbiome


Introducing aurafirm, a range of natural Oat fermented actives which improve skin health and boost cell turnover.


  • Accelerates Microbiome Recovery – Speeds up the recovery of the skin’s first line of defense and enhances the conditions for the microbiome to thrive (In Vitro).
  • Plumps and Firms Skin – Increases stratum corneum thickness, epidermal thickness and lamination (Ex Vivo).
  • Smoothes Skinaurafirm rapidly decreases skin roughness and firms and plumps the skin (In Vivo).
  • Skin Radiance aurafirm significantly improves complexion and skin radiance (In Vivo).
  • Leaves Skin Moisturized and Comforted – 70% of consumers felt aurafirm gave long term comfort, moisturisation, radiance and firmness as well rapid comfort, moisturisation and firmness (Consumer Trial).
  • Conditions and Improves Hair – Benefits hair care products by improving the feel and conditions of wet and dry hair (Ex Vivo).

aurafirm Fermentation Process

aurafirm has been developed using a marriage of Oat COM – Oat Cosmetics’ leading, patented, advanced colloidal oatmeal and a highly specialized and stable Lactobacillus strain, developed by German fermentation experts over 50 years using cutting edge technology.

The specialist fermentation process biochemically breaks down Oat COM into simpler substances. As the skin is incapable of breaking down large molecules, fermentation allows great bio-availability of protective and reparative molecules which can penetrate the stratum corneum.

Key Properties

aurafirm Fermentation

Gentle Exfoliation

Rich in natural-exfoliating AHAs that promotes cell renewal and reveals radiant skin.

aurafirm skin health

Skin Health

Acts as a catalyst for microbiome recovery and enables good bacteria to thrive to improve skin health.

aurafirm firming

Skin Firming

Hydrates the skin and delivers rapid and long term skin plumping and firming.


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Other Ingredients

avoine bio

Organic Range

A full range of ingredient derived from organic oats

Oat SILK 12

Super smooth, super fine, feel good oat powder

Virgin Poppy Seed Oil

Sustainably sourced, natural virgin oil

Oat Lipid e

Award winning ceramide rich oat oil