This luxurious mascara, infused with Oat COM USP, enhances lashes with volumizing and lengthening effect. The formula is enriched with a combination of ingredients to protect and nourish lashes.

PhaseTrade NameINCI% w/w
ADeionized WaterAqua58.4
AAsensa NFF-11Hydrolyzed Corn Starch8
BKeltrol CG-RDXanthan Gum0.3
CCutina GMS VGlyceryl Stearate4
CCandelilla Wax 2039YEuphorbia Cerifera Wax4
CViamerine 4000 DeodorizedOleic, Linoleic, Linolenic Polyglycerides3
COlivem 1000Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate3
CCarnauba Wax Yellow 2442Copernicia Cerifera Cera0.8
CCetyl Alcohol/Lanette 16Cetyl Alcohol1.5
DOat COM USPAvena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour5
DTudor Ebony A401CI 774998
EEuxyl PE9010Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin1
  1. Add the ingredients from Phase A into the main vessel and mix until homogeneous. Heat 80-85°C.
  2. Sprinkle in Phase B with high shear mix until homogeneous. Maintain temperature at 80-85°C.
  3. In a seperate vessel add Phase C. Heat to 80-85°C.
  4. Add Phase D to the main vessel with high shear until pigment is dispersed. Heat to 75-80°C.
  5. Add Phase C under high shear to main vessel and mix until homogenous.
  6. Cool to 35-40°C.
  7. Add Phase E mix until homogenous.

Ingredients used in the formulation

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