NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2023: Trends and Key Concepts

A great couple of days at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2023, in this blog we’ll review the trends and key concepts that are takeaways from the show. The exhibition showcased industry advances, beauty solutions and current trends that will drive future innovations. ‘Reimagining Renewal and Wellness’, the event theme, engaged brands to focus on wellbeing, representing health benefits, and conscious beauty.

It was fantastic to see so many familiar and new faces over the two days, to connect with and share, recent discoveries. Our team featured at the show, collaborating with our longstanding distributors in the US, LBB Specialties (LBBS).

 James Daybell (Head of Marketing) and Emilie Gombert (Product Development Manager) answer a few questions on the event.

NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2023, supporting LBBS on their stand

Do you think the theme Reimagining Renewal and Wellness matches the direction for current beauty trends?

‘The wellness trend for sure is here to stay, it reflects where innovation and consumer requirements are going in the industry. Reimagining renewal is more of a slow burner and might take more time to gain acceptance. It could be a future prospect as a trend, that hasn’t fully developed yet, within the broader wellness trend and is definitely one to watch moving forwards.’

James Daybell

‘Yes definitely, the focus was on innovation so reimagining not only ingredient but technology for testing their efficacy (examples of a lot of new natural retinol alternative to reimagine ingredient but with less negative effects for the skin).’

Emilie Gombert

What were the common concepts and trends you saw across show?

‘Besides skin wellness, I saw lots to do with the microbiome which seems to have become a default requirement for ingredients and is finally now recognized in the US.’

James Daybell

wellness health wellbeing selfcare

Major trends in US: 

  • Wellness (Well-Ageing, neurocosmetics)
  • Beauty Rx (beauty tech – focus on the science behind ingredient and efficacy)
  • Skin microbiome (link with skin health)
  • Sustainability (circular clean beauty)
  • Scalp health (big focus for every ingredient for hair)

Emilie Gombert

What do you think is the most influential trend for 2023 from the Suppliers’ Day, and why?

‘Wellness seems the most influential, we’ve identified it as being key to the beauty industry. It is a global trend that everyone has jumped on at the same time.’

James Daybell

‘The wellness trend, as the consequence of the current society we are living in, allowing consumer to feel better and invest in themselves (self-care).’

Emilie Gombert

Did you go to any seminars or events during the show, if so what were your favourite?

‘Focus on neurocosmetics 2.0, cosmetic ingredients to improve the communication of keratinocytes to nerve cells and receptors and stimulate skin nerve endings to generate electrical signals to the brain. These products have de-stress, feel good and wholistic wellbeing qualities.’

Emilie Gombert

cosmetics NYSCC show skincare beauty health
Emilie Gombert and Angus Robertson at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2023

What skin health ingredients do you see being key to science-led formulations in 2023?

‘The upcoming skincare trend of 2023 is all about using less aggressive and more nurturing skincare products and ingredients and aligning more toward skin barrier health such as natural retinol alternative, natural peptide, hyaluronic acid or ceramides ingredients.’

Emilie Gombert

How do you think cosmetics brands will be impacted by current trends?

‘Consumer-led brands will have a an emphasis on the wellness trend, whether it’s re-formulation or repositioning. With microbiome being a key trend, brands will be keen to appeal to consumers conscious of the health benefits. Brands will likely be seeking certifications, and microbiome friendly testing to prove claims.

‘We’ve been ahead of the microbiome movement for a number of years now, with products designed to support microbiome health. It’s nice to see the early groundwork being done with other companies, with the microbiome movement. Education on skin microbiome is going mainstream and consumers are seeking authentic health benefits in their skincare products.’

James Daybell

skin beauty microbiome skincare cosmetics oats

What is the Relevance of a Healthy Skin Microbiome?

A healthy skin microbiome is influential to not only skin, but general health. The trillions of bacteria that live on the skin play a significant role in your overall health and well-being.

Investing in supporting the skin microbiome is becoming recognised amongst consumers, increasing the demand for probiotic skincare solutions.

Our aurafirm range, launched in 2018 is our recommended products for formulations that are effective in restoring and maintaining a healthy microbiome of the skin. The range features Pre-, Pro- and Postbiotics in skincare.

To access the full set of results and resources, download the aurafirm family data packs on our ingredients pages.

What did you think of the Suppliers’ Day overall?

‘Very positive. It was the busiest Suppliers’ Day I have been to in the past 8 years. The quality of the stand and marketing has moved up a level and the show itself has got a good balance of technical talks and posters.

Support from our distributor LBBS was very important and provided a great platform for us to educate the market about our exciting new oat ingredients. Lots of good meetings were held which we hope will translate into business. It’s nice to see COVID times behind us, with such tactile products, the beauty industry thrives off face to face interactions to understand and experience new innovations. The shows can’t be replaced virtually, they hold such value to everyone in the industry.’

James Daybell

‘It was a really interesting show, being able to meet in person with our CRO, discover new testing laboratories and learn more about US market. This show inspires strategies and innovations that will influence our product development process. We now understand better the current trends which is  key to future product development.’

Emilie Gombert

There is always something you can learn from an event. Engaging with the atmosphere, new developments, and making connections with people is valuable. We are looking forward to seeing how this translates on the West Coast during the Society of Cosmetic Chemists CA Suppliers’ Day, October 25th-26th 2023.

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