Oat Beta-Glucan for Healthier Hair

As an oat-derived active with a high concentration of beta-glucan, Glucaveen is ideal for restoring moisture and strength to dry, damaged locks. The fine bran extract is exclusive to our Oat Hair range, a selection of natural ingredients with proven efficacy from root to tip.

Glucaveen seals in moisture to the hair for a long-lasting burst of hydration. With its unique molecular profile of beta-glucan, starch, and amino acids, it also protects and repairs damaged strands. Hair will feel healthier, softer, and smoother after just one application.

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With the transformative emollient properties of oat beta-glucan, Glucaveen forms a film on the hair shaft which acts as a natural moisture barrier. This film helps to seal in moisture and prevent water loss from the hair’s surface for long-lasting replenishment of dry, coarse strands.


Heat-styling tools are notorious for causing breakage and split ends. Glucaveen provides a fast-acting heat-protection effect which shields the hair from damage. It even outperforms comparable products, meaning tresses can be styled with a new-found confidence.


Glucaveen rapidly repairs and restores heat-damaged hair due to its powerful strand-strengthening effect. As a result, weak, brittle locks look and feel healthier after just one application. It’s never been easier for consumers to maintain a salon-worthy head of hair at home.

Molecular Profile

Oat Beta-Glucan30%


Amino Acids22%




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