Pressed Powder

This powder demonstrates the use of DermiVeil in a traditional colour cosmetic as a direct replacement for the more widely used cornstarch. The inclusion of DermiVeil improves the blurring of imperfections such as fine lines and pores.

Oats Decoration Graphic
Phase Trade Name INCI % w/w
A Magsil Mirage 500 Talc 54.5
A RBTD-671 NJE2 CI 77891, Jojoba Esters 12.32
A BYO-NJE3 Yellow Iron Oxide CI 77492, Jojoba Esters 1.26
A BRO-NJE2 Red Iron Oxide CI 77491, Jojoba Esters 0.3
A BBO-NJE2 Black Iron Oxide CI 77499, Jojoba Esters 0.12
B Sericite HLC Mica, Hydrogenated Lecithin 5
B DermiVeil Hordeum Vulgare (Barley) Powder 20
B Floraesters 15 Jojoba Esters 1.2
C Oat Lipid e Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil 4.8
C D Alpha Tocopherol Tocopheryl Acetate 0.5


  1. Predisperse the Phase A items into Magsil Mirage 500 using a powder blender.
  2. Add the ingredients from Phase B to Phase A and mix until homogeneous.
  3. Premix Phase C.
  4. Add Phase C premix to the powder bulk in a steady stream whilst mixing.
  5. Mill/pulverise bulk until uniform.
  6. Pass bulk through fine sieve.

Ingredients Used

Ceramide Rich Locks in moisture Maintain skin balance
Photo of a woman with red hair looking over her shoulder at the camera with shiny skin after using Oat Lipid E.

Oat Lipid e

Lipid e is a rich, natural oat oil with a unique lipid profile

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