Oats can be used in a variety of cosmetic products, each of our ingredients brings something different depending on the formulation and target application. Use the tool below to see how you can utilise the power of oats in your next creation.

Hair Care

Frequent exposure to modern-day aggressors, such as stress, pollution, and heat-styling tools, can leave the hair dry and damaged and the scalp infuriatingly irritated. This is driving demand for fast-acting haircare solutions that protect and restore damaged locks. But the products used by consumers are only as effective as the ingredients within them – and that’s why we offer Oat Hair, a range of natural, data-driven ingredients with proven efficacy from root to tip.

Baby Care

A baby’s delicate skin loses moisture nearly two times faster than an adults and is much more delicate. Babies are prone to skin problems as they adjust to the world and this means that any products developed specifically for babies needs to contain ingredients which are gentle and kind to their delicate skin. Oat ingredients have a long association with baby products for exactly this reason.

Skin Care

From the bathing Romans to the mud sunscreens of the Hippopotamus, effective skin care is an essential aid to health and has been so for many years. Whether it is maintaining a healthy skin pH balance, reducing redness and irritation or purely for soft, silky feeling skin our oat ingredients can help in a variety of applications.

Soap & Bath

Washing and bathing are an essential part of people’s daily cleansing routines, with the earliest mention of soap like material dating back to 2800 BC in ancient Babylon.

Soaps and cleansing agents work to remove sebum, dirt, dead cells and microorganisms. As science has progressed, this role has developed so that modern soaps also nourish the skin, providing moisturizing benefits to leave it soft and replenished.