The Oat Essentials Formulation Kit

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of The Oat Essentials Kit, our all new trend-driven formulation range for 2020-21. This new line demonstrates the versatility of our portfolio of natural ingredients and highlights the ease with which our unique extracts, oils and flours can be used to enhance a range of everyday beauty essentials. 

The product of over a year’s work, development of The Oat Essentials Formulation Kit has sought to combine our own knowledge of the beauty market and distributor requirements with the expertise of our highly-experienced formulator. The result is a highly effective set of formulations that demonstrate a number of key industry trends, such as sustainability and the skin microbiome, in action. Furthermore, when scaled into a commercial range the Kit and its contents – created with every day, essential skin care in mind – can form the foundations of a gentle wellbeing and self-care regime. 

Contents of Oat Essentials Formulation Kit

The Oat Essentials Kit contains several different formulation prototypes along with a handful of extra content to inspire and inform. Inside the branded wash bag – itself a key part of the overall package – we’ve included a USB stick full of our most up-to-date ingredient information (we’re cutting down on our printed marketing materials where possible to reduce our environmental impact!), and a booklet providing full descriptions of our new formulations along with the methods and materials used to create them. 

We’ll be delving into the finer details of our formulations over the coming weeks but for now you can enjoy a sneak peek of the brand new 2020-21 Essentials range below.

Nourishing Night Cream with aurafirm PAn indulgent night cream with 2% aurafirm P which renews skin texture for a radiant complexion while supporting the skin microbiome with highly efficacious oat-based prebiotics.
Firming Eye Cream with aurafirm NA gentle anti-ageing eye cream with 2% aurafirm N that works to firm and plump while delivering a probiotic-like effect to the delicate under-eye area.
Skin Saviour Serum with aurafirm SLightweight skin-renewing serum with aurafirm S, our postbiotic oat ferment, which provides an instant pick-me-up to skin showing signs of a severely disrupted microbiome.
Cleansing Balm with Oat LipidA luxurious 3-in-1 balm with cleansing, soothing and make-up removing properties formulated with 4% Oat Lipid to effectively maintain the skin’s natural lipid balance.
Aftershave Balm with Oat COMSoothing, sustainably-packaged post-shave balm with 5% Oat COM which reduces redness and irritation resulting from razor use to provide instant skin relief.
Luxury Facial Serum with Oat SILKOne half of a serum duo that demonstrates the superb sensorial effects of Oat SILK, our oat-derived texturiser, through comparison of a luxurious, silky-smooth formulation with Oat SILK and a standard, harsher formulation without.
Conditioner Bar with Virgin Poppy Seed OilAn eco-friendly, ultra-convenient Conditioner Bar containing Virgin Poppy Seed Oil to restore volume and shine and leave hair enviably soft.

The Oat Essentials Formulation Kit is soon to be available across our global distributor network, so to take a closer look and test out our new range, please contact your local distributor. In the meantime, you can download the Formulation Guide here to find out more about our all new range.

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