The Microbiome

Household and Personal Care magazine invited industry experts to contribute to a panel discussion on the emerging relationship between the skin microbiome and healthy skin. As an area that Oat Cosmetics have recently had experience with, we were more than happy to contribute.

As many highlighted, including Stefan Hettwer (Senior R&D Manager Cosmetic Actives at RAHN AG), there is still much research to be done to fully understand the complex skin microbiome. However, it is generally agreed that an accepted approach is to provide favourable conditions for the microbiome.

Whilst skin types, gender, age, and genetics mean it is impossible to create one solution to fit all microbiomes; providing the skin with a formulation containing a prebiotic mix of principle actives to enhance normalisation of the skins microflora, is an intelligent approach to addressing a number of skin conditions such as atopy and acne.

Oat Cosmetics has produced a fermented prebiotic derived from its high performance patented colloidal oatmeal (Oat COM), utilising Lactobacilli cultures. aurafirm is a natural active containing a prebiotic complex of fermented oat derivatives which improve skin health and boost cell turnover. Topical use has a direct effect at the site of application by enhancing the skin’s natural defence barrier, speeding up the recovery of the skin’s first line of defence and enhancing the conditions for the microbiome to thrive. This ingredient offers further skin benefits including an improvement in skin complexion and radiance whilst also plumping and firming the skin.

You can discover more information about aurafirm by visiting the product page.

Download a full copy of the panel discussion here.

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