Supporting WWF to Protect Vital Ecosystems in Asia

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all anything, it’s that our actions, both individual and collective, have a profound effect on our planet and the fragile life within it. We live in an unforgivingly globalised world where the choices we make not only impact on the spaces around us, but those across the far corners of the earth. It’s vital that together we make the right decisions on sustainability and conservation. We must endeavour to live in harmony with nature to secure the future of our planet for generations to come. This is why, as business with social responsibility at its core, we’ve taken a big step to give back this year by becoming a Guardian for world-renowned charity, WWF. In doing so, we’re supporting WWF’s vital conservation work in Asia’s tiger heartlands, for people, nature, and the planet.

WWF Helps People and Nature Thrive Together

WWF (or World Wide Fund for Nature) is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. On a mission to enable people and nature to thrive together, WWF runs programmes to preserve precious wildlife, rivers, forests, and seas. Their work includes projects to restore habitats lost to Australian bushfires and to manage plastic pollution off the UK’s coastline. It also includes programmes to protect rainforests from ruthless deforestation and to address other urgent conservation crises. Alongside this ambitious portfolio, the charity campaigns on significant environmental issues from illegal wildlife trade to climate change. Such efforts have seen WWF play an instrumental role in prompting positive and decisive action on crucial environmental matters. No better is this illustrated than in the UK government’s move to ban non-electric vehicles from 2030, a decision in which WWF played a vital role.

Becoming a Guardian to Safeguard Tigers, Habitats and Livelihoods

In becoming a WWF Guardian, we’re joining a group of like-minded supporters to fund a vital area of conservation work. This year, our £3500 donation towards the Guardians scheme will help to protect tigers, their habitats, and the livelihoods of billions across India, China, and Nepal as part of WWF’s Tiger Landscapes appeal. Our funding will go directly towards several key actions that seek to enable people and tigers to thrive together:

  1. Training patrol teams to tackle poaching
  2. Educating local communities on the sustainable management of their forests
  3. Supporting a relief scheme for families that lose livestock to tigers in an effort to halt retaliatory attacks
  4. Improving facilities for sustainable tourism in local villages

Tigers are one of the world’s most iconic, yet woefully endangered species with just 3900 remaining in the wild. Their numbers have dropped more than a staggering 95% in the last century and whilst decades of extraordinary conservation work has brought numbers up, the impact of COVID-19 is putting valuable progress at risk. This is a matter of grave concern because tigers are the backbone of vast ecosystems across Asia. Without these apex predators, plant-eating species that sit lower in the food chain face overpopulation. This can result in overgrazing, damage to land, and ultimately, irreversible disruption to plant life and smaller animal inhabitants. But the lasting impact of falling tiger numbers doesn’t end at the devastation our planet’s precious flora and fauna. These very ecosystems serve as a lifeline to billions, providing access to food, water, clean air, and medicine. The forests also reduce the risk of flooding and other environmental disasters, meaning the future of our planet, it’s people, plants, and animals, is wholly dependent on them.

Get Involved with Supporting WWF for the Future of Our Planet

Showing your support for WWF’s vital conservation work doesn’t have to mean giving a donation. There’s scores of insightful educational resources, tips, and tricks available at the click of a button on the charity’s website. In fact, why not head over now to see 21 simple ways you can help the planet in 2021? With a wealth of great ideas to inspire positive, individual change, just 5 minutes of reading time is all you need to get started. Remember, the future of our planet is in the hands of us all, so what are you waiting for?

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