Supporting World Land Trust to Restore Tropical Forests

As a business whose foundations lay in the cultivation and development of the spectacular oat crop, we recognise our responsibility to give back to the generous, ever-inspiring planet that breathes life into everything we do. We believe that one of the most valuable ways in which we can show our support is to champion causes that work to protect extraordinary ecosystems around the world, ensuring that vital habitats and landscapes thrive long into the future. As such, we are proud to have donated £1700 to World Land Trust’s Plant a Tree programme this year to fund the planting of 340 trees in Borneo and Ecuador. By doing so, we’ve contributed to global reforestation efforts and simultaneously assisted in mitigating climate change one small – but crucial – step at a time. 

World Land Trust Carries Out Vital Conservation Work

World Land Trust is an international charity dedicated to the conservation of some of the world’s most significant yet fiercely threatened habitats. Working with a global network of partners – local individuals, communities and organisations – the charity seeks to sustainably manage natural ecosystems and protect biodiversity through various programmes and projects. It also places great focus on raising awareness of the conservation issues facing our planet. The charity is currently carrying out a vital array of work including a carbon balancing programme, supporting rangers at the heart of conservation projects, the Plant A Tree initiative, and so much more. These carefully planned projects are also completed alongside the ongoing provision of emergency conservation work to areas facing urgent threat.

Plant a Tree Contributes to Reforestation Efforts That Restore Ecosystems

We’ve specifically donated to the Trust’s Plant a Tree programme having felt drawn to supporting the remarkably complex reforestation work for which funding is used. Plant a Tree aims to restore vast ecosystems lost to deforestation by contributing to reforestation efforts around the world. These restorative projects also play a significant role in combatting climate change.

Our Certificate from World Land Trust

We’re delighted to have been informed that our donation of £1700 has funded the planting of 340 trees. These native trees are being planted in Borneo and Ecuador, the current focus areas of the programme, as part of an effort to restore tropical forests. The donation has covered everything from the cost of the saplings, planting, tree maintenance for years to come, and more. To date, World Land Trust’s initiative has seen over 2.3 million trees planted across the globe, and we’re filled with pride to have made a small contribution towards supporting their exceptional work.

World Land Trust and many other organisations carry out vital conservation work to ensure the world’s most magnificent ecosystems continue to thrive. We encourage you to take a look at the remarkable projects and programmes currently being undertaken around the globe, and to spare a moment to find out more about some of the most significant causes of our time.  

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