Oat COM, extruded colloidal oatmeal and Oat Lipid, oat oil was incorporated into a market-relevant facial cream at 3% and studied independently to evaluate its performance.

Formulation details

Formulation trial 2A good quality moisturising cream was formulated using conventional raw materials. The chosen formulation, whilst purposely simple, was designed to be comparable to popular products marketed in UK under brands such as Olay (P&G), No7 (Boots) and Dove (Unilever).
The emulsion itself was formulated with slightly elevated levels of ‘heavy’ oils including White Paraffin (petroleum jelly) and Mineral Oil. This was purposely done to emphasise any greasiness without compromising the overall aesthetics of the cream. This balance was vital in order to retain user confidence and perception of quality, but allow us to isolate the attributes of Colloidal Oatmeal.

Study design

AGR International was used to conduct the study, and it has vast experience of producing high quality data meeting the requirements of the likes of the ASA. The study was run over a 90 day period with the subjects applying the product once a day.


Three groups of subjects were chosen, depending on their self-assessed skin types:

Normal Skin
Dry Skin
Sensitive Skin

This allowed us to track any trends and contrasts in performance versus skin type. Equally we were able to track the effects over long periods of time to understand the ongoing efficacy.



Oat COM Trial Results

Industry Reaction

“These are among the most impressive short-term and sustained results I have seen for such simple formula cream. Having these results after 30 days is very impressive but to keep them high after 90 days is almost unheard of and confirms Oat COM (extruded Colloidal Oatmeal) provides a variety of exceptional long-term skin care benefits.”   Ed Galley of Ed Galley Associates

“The key result and one that in our opinion was very challenging across individuals with dry skin, was on-going and consistent moisturisation. We were delighted to see subjects instantly recognise the moisturising effects and equally that the effect was sustained across the entire 3 month period. When subjects with dry skin conditions test moisturisers, we often expect to see good short-term observations, however long-term and sustained moisturising effects are rare. Dry skin conditions are often accompanied with related issues such as redness or flaking. Therefore the highly perceived soothing effects were also very encouraging indeed. In all, we believe the results show this Oat COM based moisturiser was perfect for alleviating the symptoms of dry skin conditions.” Ed Galley of Ed Galley Associates