Small Steps Towards Sustainability

Rooted in folk wisdom and made famous through advertising by supermarket chain Tesco, ‘Every Little Helps’ really sums up the approach to sustainability and environmental challenges that all business should be adopting. Yes, larger changes have the greatest impact but they often take time to implement. Smaller changes are easier to undertake and faster to impact – to coin a phrase, ‘Little things add up to big things’!

With this in mind, Oat Cosmetics has made a few small changes to our promotional material to try and make our business more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Memory Sticks

Our memory sticks are now made from recycled cardboard and contain all of our product literature, meaning that printing is kept to a minimum.





Business Cards

Our business cards are now made from recycled ‘Eco Kraft Board’.





Sample Formulations

Where possible, we have moved our sample formulations into glass and metal containers and are now using labels that are 100% recyclable and made from recycled paper.





We have developed and enforced a new policy on product literature and printing, meaning that electronic copy will be our preferred method of delivery and hard copy a literature a thing of the past.

We encourage all of our partners, big and small, to review their own practices and see if there are any changes that they can make (big or small!).

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