Trend Guide: The Skin Microbiome

The skin microbiome is fast gaining traction to become one of the industry’s hottest trends, with mentions of the topic increasing no less than 130% across global skin care launches between 2018-2019 (Mintel GNPD). However, despite this rapid uptake of the skin microbiome as a key claim in beauty and personal care, the industry is distinctly lacking sufficient dissemination of information and thought-leadership – both of an accessible kind – on the subject.

Exploring the Significance of the Skin Microbiome Trend

Here at Oat Cosmetics, with years of research into active ingredients targeting skin health and the microbiome behind us, we are pleased to reveal that our first ever trend guide – ‘The Skin Microbiome’ – is now available for download. We hope that this guide brings more light to a somewhat ambiguous space, making a valuable contribution towards industry understanding of the skin microbiome and its significance.

The Skin Microbiome Guide provides a succinct yet comprehensive view of the trend in beauty and personal care from a technical, marketing, and consumer product perspective. To develop the Guide we drew not only from our own findings and expertise in the area, having launched our own range of fermented oat actives in 2018, but also from those detailed in journal articles and other reputable publications. This, combined with the extraordinary insight available through Mintel and other credible sources of market intelligence, has enabled us to bring together a well-rounded view of the microbiome trend as it currently stands.

In the Skin Microbiome Trend Guide, we answer key questions from ‘what is the skin microbiome?’ to ‘why is the skin microbiome important?’, and explore:

  • Factors influencing the composition of the skin microbiota
  • Links between skin microbiome disruption and skin disorders, such as acne
  • Drivers of growing consumer interest in the skin microbiome including the booming natural beauty trend
  • Future prospects for the trend in beauty and personal care
  • Associated claims from prebiotic to probiotic to microbiome-friendly, and their meanings
  • Formulating for the skin microbiome

To download a copy of our Skin Microbiome Trend Guide and gain insight into the rapidly changing landscape of the beauty industry, click below.

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