A Review of 2018

With the new year fast approaching, we feel it’s the perfect opportunity to conduct a review of 2018. We’ll be looking back at the beauty events we’ve attended and exhibited at, our new product launches, the trends that have shaped the industry, and some smaller but still noteworthy milestones.


As 2018 has progressed, we’ve seen the rise of many big beauty trends that have taken the industry by storm. In addition to personalisation, clean beauty and digitisation, perhaps the most interesting trends we’ve seen include those of sustainability and total wellbeing.


The environmental impact of global mass consumption has relentlessly hit the headlines this year, bringing awareness to a concerning reality. It seems no stone shall be left unturned, as all major industries have found themselves thrust into an unwelcome spotlight regarding the issue – the beauty industry being no exception. Armed with, for example, knowledge of plastic pollution and water waste, consumers are now fiercely demanding sustainable beauty. This push for sustainability stretches wider than ever before, with sustainable sourcing, supply chains, manufacturing processes and packaging becoming less of an afterthought and more of a necessity if brands want to keep their place in the market.

Total WellbeingOat Cosmetics Microbiome aurafirm

Consumers are increasingly turning to science when it comes to skin care as they now seek more than just superficial benefits from their regimes. In particular, interest in the microbiome has soared as increasing evidence proves that it may be the key to skin health.  The microbiome refers to the community of organisms hosted on the skin, including bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. The use of probiotics and prebiotics to restore microbial balance is well known but in the cosmetics industry it’s the use of prebiotics that is becoming increasingly popular.

New Product Launches

This year we launched two new ingredients: aurafirm and Oat BioBeads.

aurafirm display
Display: aurafirm



Following its launch at in-cosmetics Global in April, aurafirm has become a popular cosmetic ingredient. aurafirm is a range of natural oat fermented actives developed using a marriage of Oat COM, our advanced colloidal oatmeal, and a highly specialised Lactobacillus strain. Available in three different grades, aurafirm’s composition enables it to provide a range of benefits to the skin such as accelerated microbiome recovery, hydration to firm and plump, and gentle exfoliation to reveal radiance.

Oat BioBeads - Green
Oat BioBeads




Oat BioBeads

In September this year we were delighted to launch Oat BioBeads, a natural, marine biodegradable microbead made with our advanced colloidal oatmeal, Oat COM. The oat active encapsulated within provides a host of benefits to the skin including redness reduction and skin soothing, delivered in a sustainable manner. Oat BioBeads are available in a variety of colours and sizes.


Over the course of 2018 we’ve attended numerous events worldwide including SCS Formulate, New York Suppliers’ Day, HPCI India and in-cosmetics Global to name just a few. Whilst we would love to reflect upon our experience at every event, we’re going to choose the one that always stands out – in-cosmetics Global.

Oat Cosmetics at in-cosmetics Global
Our Stand at in-cosmetics Global 2018

in-cosmetics Global

in-cosmetics is a leading cosmetics event that connects personal care ingredients suppliers and finished product manufacturers. In April this year the show returned to Amsterdam on a record-breaking scale with almost 800 cosmetic ingredients suppliers exhibiting and over 9,000 visitors welcomed through the doors. The three-day event undoubtedly proved the ideal chance to network within the industry and showcase our brand. Additionally, it was a fantastic opportunity to further our own knowledge, with members of our team attending presentations and demonstrations regarding future cosmetic trends and the latest innovations.

Whilst we were at the show, two particularly exciting things happened that we feel are most certainly worth mentioning. First and foremost, we launched our range of natural oat fermented actives: aurafirm (for more information on this, just keep reading!). We were also delighted to have our Virgin Poppy Seed Oil nominated for the in-cosmetics green ingredient award. This nomination was made due to the ingredient’s sustainable credentials and the positive social and economic changes the farmers are making locally.

Smaller Successes

Now that we’ve reflected upon the biggest updates of 2018, we’d also like to reflect on some smaller (but just as important) milestones. This year we:

  • Created a new corporate video to provide a visual snapshot of the company, its history, people, and place in the beauty industry
  • Developed a number of new formulations alongside the launch of a new formulations page
  • Switched our technical data sheets and other marketing materials from a plastic-coated gloss paper to a plastic-free, matte alternative in an effort to ensure sustainability in our day-to-day practices
Looking Forward

As you can see, it’s been a busy (but exciting) year for us here at Oat Cosmetics with the launch of new products, major beauty events worldwide, and many other important milestones.

As our attention now turns towards 2019, we’ve definitely got some exciting plans for the new year. We’re delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at a number of new events, carrying out further revision of our formulations branding and last but most certainly not least, launching two new ingredients at in-cosmetics Global in Paris next April.

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