[Webinar] Combatting the Issues of Pandemic Beauty

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the beauty industry. Global lockdowns have seen sales of colour cosmetics slump, online retail traffic soar, and the very definition of self-care reinvented. Meanwhile, use of protective face masks and regular handwashing have become synonymous with out-of-home experiences. This has increased demand for safe, restorative skincare solutions with robustly proven efficacy – a change in consumer behaviour likely to remain post-pandemic owing to a shift in personal priorities.

In a recent webinar with our US distributor Charkit Chemical Company, members of our team discussed the pandemic’s impact on the beauty industry. As seen in the on-demand recording, they consider everything from the effects of behavioural changes on skin health to the opportunities presented by post-pandemic trends. Alongside Charkit, our experts focus in on common skin complaints and the growing market for oat-derived ingredients. They also explore the link between COVID-19 and the flourishing environmental claims category, proving beauty professionals with the insight needed for continued success amid a ‘new normal’.

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James Daybell
Head of Marketing

Angus Robertson
Head of Sales

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