Our Team

From technical specialists to marketeers, administrators to strategists, we recognise that our team are our most valuable resource and take pride in supporting and nurturing talented individuals of all backgrounds.

James Daybell

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO I am responsible for managing company operations and setting corporate direction and strategy.

Cark Maunsell

Executive Chairman

I founded Oat Cosmetics in 2008, having acquired extensive experience working with the oat crop and recognising its potential in cosmetics.

Tim Fielder

Non-Executive Chairman

I play an advisory role in the strategic direction of Oat Services Ltd., bringing vast experience in global IT and logistics.

Sarah Aslin-Clark

Logistics and Operations Supervisor

Emilie Gombert

Product Development Manager

Cheryl Panszczyk

Laboratory Executive

Rachel Davies

Senior Marketing Executive

Laura Guy

Logistics and Operations Coordinator

Liz Pezzali

Global Manager for Business Development

Gabriela Janusz

Product Quality and Regulation Executive

Angus Robertson

Head of Sales

Cara Dewis

Head of Product Development

Shatakshi Naik

Marketing Executive

Victoria Sherwood

Office Manager