Oats on the up in the UK Cosmetic Market

With In Cosmetics Paris just next week, here at Oat Cosmetics we are very busy doing the last minute preparation for the show, so I will keep this post short!  With one show looming we all start to look forward to the following year and 2017 brings In Cosmetics Europe to LONDON, our home country! It got us thinking in the office about the UK personal care market and what is currently trending…it looks like it is Oats!!


UK Price Positioning

Overall spending on beauty and personal care market reduced marginally in 2015. The rise of the discount retailers and the highly promotionally-driven market is impacting value growth, particularly within the personal care segment. Despite improvements in the economy, savvy shopping habits have become engrained in consumers’ minds and this is set to continue into 2016, although we expect to see a return to growth. Mintel UK Market Report

UK Category


It appears that price is the most important factor for consumers, even among those buying into prestige brands. This presents both challenges and opportunities, with the value-led retailers delivering impressive growth, while the department stores and niche specialists are using unique experiences to drive shoppers in-store and encourage them to trade up to more premium products. Mintel UK Market Report



Oat UK Date

The humble oat is well known in the UK as a healthy breakfast food that if eaten helps to reduce cholesterol due to an active compound contained within the Oat Beta-Glucan. In fact Oat Beta Glucan is also great in cosmetics, when it is applied to the skin it can penetrate the lipid bilayer and helps to maintain skin health from within as well as forming a film on the surface of the skin to help soothe and moisturise.

Over the past few years the UK consumer and personal care industry have started to recognise Oats unique soothing and healing properties in skin care and more and more Oat products are on the UK cosmetic shelves than ever befor


With the skincare giant Johnson and Johnson relaunching their world famous ‘Aveeno’ range back into the UK market this year, it seems our television screens are currently filled with Oat cosmetic product ranges:


At Oat Cosmetics we are super excited to see what comes next!

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