Oats in Vegan Beauty: A Story of Success

In our latest Success Story, indie beauty skincare brand Earth’s Bliss have recently incorporated our oat-derived ingredients into a selection of innovative soaps, body butters, and bath bombs.

The Brand

Based in Toronto, Canada, Earth’s Bliss specialises in handmade, vegan skincare products formulated to hydrate and protect ageing skin. It was when founder, Mitranee Chatterjee, experienced unwelcome effects of the natural skin ageing process, namely increased dryness and irritation, that Earth’s Bliss was first conceptualised – driven by a need for nourishing products that would protect the skin from excess lipid loss. Chatterjee then went on to build the brand with a clear mission: to create soaps and lotions using only the most effective, high quality ingredients which are kind to both skin and the planet.  

The Products

The brand’s portfolio of vegan skincare products currently includes an array of bath bombs, soaps and body butters, formulated with many of our oat-derived ingredients. Here, we showcase some of our favourites:


Oats in Vegan Beauty: Clay, Oats and Salts Medley Bath Bomb, Spring Gardenia Soap, Sandalwood and Turmeric Body Butter
Left to Right: Clay, Oats and Salts Medley Bath Bomb, Spring Gardenia Soap, Sandalwood and Turmeric Body Butter


Clay, Oats and Salts Medley Bath Bomb

With a host of soothing ingredients that promise to relieve dry, irritated skin, the Clay, Oats and Salts Medley Bath Bomb does far more than just look great! This soothing product includes our advanced colloidal oatmeal, Oat COM, which, being an ingredient monographed as a skin protectant by the FDA, forms a physical barrier on the skin’s surface to lock in moisture and prevent water loss.

Spring Gardenia Soap

Inspired by the sounds and smells of a Spring garden, this vibrant, rejuvenating soap promises to hydrate and moisturise, and is suitable for all skin types. The inclusion of our premium oat oil, Oat Lipid, enables the soap to replenish and maintain the skin’s natural balance – preventing dryness and irritation, while Oat SILK ensures a gentle, soft lather.

Hydrating Sandalwood and Turmeric Body Butter

This intensely nourishing body butter combines the uplifting aromas of Palmarosa Essential Oil and Sandalwood with Oat Lipid and Oat SILK, our unique oat-derived texturiser, to leave skin feeling soft, supple and smelling divine after every use. Simply slather on after a bath or shower, and massage thoroughly to seal in moisture.

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