Virgin Poppy Seed Oil

Virgin Poppy Seed Oil – a sustainably sourced, natural virgin oil containing sterols and Vitamin E.


  • Proven hair smoothing, softening and conditioning properties
  • 100% UK product, fully traceable and sustainable supply chain
  • 9% sterols assist in the recovery of skin barrier mechanisms
  • High linoleic acid content for moisturisation
  • A 100% natural ingredient with no additives
Virgin Poppy Seed Oil is a lovely light oil with a great sustainability story. It has performed well in our hair formulations
Chris SmithChrysalis

Virgin Poppy Seed Oil

Virgin Poppy Seed Oil (Papaver Somniferum Seed Oil) is obtained by lightly pressing the seeds of the White Poppy. The oil is pale yellow in colour and importantly retains its sterol content, making it ideal for use in skin and hair care products.

Key Properties

Conditions Hair

 The high oleic acid content in Virgin Poppy Seed Oil helps to improve hair comb-ability and gives the hair a silky feel and shine.


Our 5th generation family farmers use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to ensure our ecological values are met and as little as possible goes to waste in the growing process.

Gentle Extraction

Our virgin cold pressed and solvent free extraction helps to reduce energy consumption and ensures Virgin Poppy Seed Oil remains pure and natural and retains all the nutrients of the plant, such as Vitamin E


Contact our technical team for further information or to discuss adding Virgin Poppy Seed Oil to your formulation.

Scientifically Proven Effects:

Virgin Poppy Seed Oil Conditioner Study

An independent, blind study was undertaken to test the effects of Virgin Poppy Seed Oil as part of a hair conditioner.

Test subjects found that Virgin Poppy Seed Oil improved:

  • Wet comb conditioning
  • The feel of wet hair
  • Dry comb conditioning
  • Ease of application
  • Ease of rinsing
  • Ease of drying
  • Smooth feel of dry hair

For the full Virgin Poppy Seed Oil Condition Study, please contact us.

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