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The market for Organic cosmetics has grown rapidly over the last five years as consumers have become more aware of where and how the ingredients within their cosmetics are sourced.

To meet the needs of this growing group, Oat Cosmetics offers a complete organic oat ingredient range.

Oat COM ORG – An Ecocert/COSMOS certified organic version of Oat COM our advanced colloidal oatmeal

Why Organic Oats?

Organic refers to the way that farmers and producers grow and process agricultural products, such as oats. Organic farming practices are designed to encourage better soil and water conservation, reduce pollution and remove the use of chemical treatments such as pesticides.  In general over the past 10 years, consumers acceptance towards green and organic products has increased and there is now a steady demand for products farmed organically (in some products, organic versions have been found to be more beneficial to the consumer). For a cosmetics or personal care product to be labelled as organic, it must contain certified Organic ingredients, such as the ones listed below.

Organic Oat Ingredients

Oat Cosmetics Green Standards

Green Standards

The COSMOS-standard sets out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics that consumers can trust.

Oat Cosmetics environmental care

Environmental Care

From origin, through to the processing, manufacturing,  packaging and storage, our Organic Oat ingredients are produced with environmental benefits in mind.

Farming Organic Oat Ingredients

Organic Farming

Organic farming recognises the direct connection between our health and how the products we use are produced. Artificial fertilisers are banned and farmers develop fertile soil by rotating crops and using manure and compost.


Contact our technical team for further information or to discuss adding Organic Oat ingredients to your formulation.