Oat SILK – a highly effective, 100% natural, textural base that provides a luxuriant feel with natural lipid and antioxidant content.


  • Imparts smooth and silky sensory effects to skincare formulations
  • Strict particle control and 7% lipid content make it ideal for use in colour cosmetics
  • Has a brightening and mattifying effect on the skin
  • A 100% natural ingredient with no additives
  • Contains natural antioxidants including avenathramides and vitamin E which assist skin health

Oat SILK – An Oat Derived Texturizer

Oat SILK (Avena sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour) is a very fine powdered oat extract that possesses a silky feel and high level of compressibility making it ideal for use in colour cosmetics and pressed powders.

Key Properties


Oat SILK absorbs natural skin oils providing an immediate mattifying effect on the skin.

Healthy Skin

The 7% Oat Lipid e found in Oat SILK, together with anitoxidants, avenanthramides and beta glucan assist skin health.


Oat SILK is easy to formulate with and its small particle size make it an ideal addition to creams and lotions where having a smooth and silky skin feel is essential.


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Oat SILK - Typical Values

Beta glucan Content
Oat Lipid e Content
Protein Content

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