Oat Extracts

Potent and powerful oat derived actives

Beta glucan and oat avenanthramides

Oats contain a variety of skin beneficial molecules that are in high demand by cosmetic formulators. Using our advanced extraction technology, we have managed to isolate and remove these molecules from the plant, creating a range of powerful oat extracts.

Available Extracts Include:

  • Oat Beta Glucan – An exceptionally easy to formulate, soluble, highly purified beta glucan extract with proven skin reparation and anti-aging properties
  • Oat Avenanthramides – A superior natural anti-irritant and redness reduction ingredient ideal for sensitive skin formulations
[us_testimonial author=”Dennis Hazelton” company=”Cosmetic Design Laboratories, UK ” el_class=”ind_ingr_testimon”]Oat Cosmetics’ range of Oat Extracts are a formulators dream – bringing potent, easy-to-use actives to the personal care industry.[/us_testimonial]

Key Properties

Oat beta glucan

Beta Glucan

A soluble molecule found in the oat kernel which promotes cell renewal and collagen synthesis.

Oat Avenathramides


Powerful natural antioxidants only found in the oat grain, renowned for its skin calming properties.


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Other Ingredients

avoine bio

Organic Range

A full range of ingredient derived from organic oats


Super smooth, super fine, feel good oat powder

AvenaPlex Oat active


Unique active lipid complex

Aurafirm Slider Microbiome


Fermented Oat Actives