How Oat Oil’s ceramide content can benefit lips

As consumers, we expect more from our lip care than ever before. MINTEL recently highlighted that lip colour cosmetics are increasingly blurring with skincare in terms of ingredients and claims used. Over 40% of lip launches in 2016 claim to be moisturising, 22% botanical, 11% vitamin/mineral fortified and 2% antiaging. (Lip Colour Cosmetics Report, March 2017).

Consumer findings in this MINTEL report also found:

  • 20%-30% of French, German, Italian and Spanish women buyers of face colour make-up (including eye and lip colour) are influenced by ingredients when choosing a product.
  • 40% of US women who use colour cosmetics have not tried but would be interested in trying natural/organic products and 31% in trying products with added skincare benefits.

Many of our customers are familiar with our Oat Lipid e, but are not aware of the benefits it can bring to a lip application. With this huge demand for multifunctional and moisturising lip applications, I’ve decided to use this blog to highlight the advantages of using Oat Lipid and it’s unique profile (including ceramides!) in your daily lip care, whether that is a lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, lip tint, lip stain or lip liner.

Oat Lipid e key properties
  • Rich in natural emollients including essential fatty acids, phospholipids and tocopherols that support the skin’s barrier function
  • Naturally occuring moisture regulating ceramides
  • High in Omega 3, 6 and 9 to moisturise and protect skin from losing elasticity and firmness
  • Vitamin E content protects from environmental aggressors
  • Antioxidant complex which combats oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation
How do ceramides benefit the lips?

oat oil oat lipid ceramide benefit lip


Key benefits of including Oat Lipid e in a lip product

Lip applications oat oil ceramides

oat oil lip oil ceramideIf you are keen to try this holy grail ingredient out for yourself, keep your eyes peeled for lip products containing oat oil! Ulta Beauty USA have recently launched a Juice Infused Lip Oil. Described as a ‘luxurious’ oil, this lip oil is infused with a combination of natural ingredients including Oat Oil, to nourish, condition and smooth the lips, offer antioxidant action and provide anti-wrinkle action.

To request example formulations of Oat Lipid e lip formulations, please contact us and request our formulation database. To find out more information about Oat Lipid e, download the Technical Data Sheet.


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