Oat Ingredients Prove Ideal for Sensitive Skin Care

Recent research suggests that nearly half of all women across the globe are struggling with skin sensitivity (Mintel, 2020). Although rather alarming, this is hardly surprising when we consider the daily delights of 21st-century living that our skin has to navigate. Be it poorer diets, record-breaking pollution levels, changeable weather conditions, or the mass production of countless new products and substances, our increasingly industrialised world has a lot to answer for.

Inevitably, on account of these factors and more, increasing occurrence of skin sensitivity is sending consumers in search of solutions. Demand for safe, gentle skincare continues to soar worldwide as people turn towards products trusted not to aggravate the skin. It’s these ever-changing consumer needs that we’re always ready to adapt to at Oat Cosmetics. Indeed, we recently conducted a study to test the irritation and sensitisation potential of our oat-derived ingredients. The dermatologist present determined our ingredients to be hypo-allergenic in nature and non-irritating on the skin, making them the ultimate sensitive skin care companions.

Gentle, Hypo-Allergenic Cosmetics Are Essential for Sensitive Skin

There are two causes of contact dermatitis, the condition which leads the skin to become irritated after contact with substances. First, there’s irritants. These disrupt the skin barrier and cause sensitivity in the form of redness, itching, burning and other uncomfortable sensations. Weather conditions, air pollution, diet, and stress can worsen symptoms but the overuse of harsh cosmetics or simply those that don’t agree with an individual’s skin can also lead to sensitivity. Dermatologists recommend gentle products free from irritating ingredients for individuals experiencing this type of cutaneous irritation on the regular.

On the other hand, it’s possible for an allergic reaction to be the cause of contact dermatitis. This is, according to the FDA, an immune response which usually manifests as an inflamed and itchy skin rash. Experts advise avoiding the problem allergen in order to do away with symptoms, but identifying the source can be tricky. For this reason, they usually recommend hypo-allergenic products for those burdened with an assortment of indeterminable allergies or sensitivities. Hypo-allergenic products are far less likely to cause an allergic reaction on the skin, hence their suitability for the cause.

Our 3-week Human Repeat Insult Patch Test Study

Our Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT) study sought to determine the potential of our ingredients to cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction. A dermatologist assessed the effects of Oat COM, AvenaPLex, Oat Lipid, and the aurafirm range on the skin.

A Robust Methodology to Secure Consumer Trust

For products to hit the shelves safely, beauty brands are required to carry out 1 patch test on 25 volunteers. However, in seeking to instil optimum confidence in sensitive skin care formulated with our ingredients, we looked beyond these requirements. Instead, we undertook a full HRIPT study which saw 10 patch tests carried out on more than 50 volunteers. The results were determined by a dermatologist’s assessment of the skin for that expert seal of approval consumers love to trust (so much so, in fact, that nearly 50% of male skin care users in parts of Asia say they see ‘dermatologically-tested’ as a key criteria for products). Notably, the final (10th) patch was applied nearly 2 weeks later and to a different skin site to patches 1-9. This secures further credibility for any results obtained, with the potential for a reaction not ruled out by the absence of one elsewhere.

Proven Non-Irritating, Hypo-Allergenic Ingredients for Sensitive Skin Care

The HRIPT study results prove that Oat COM, Oat Lipid, AvenaPLex, and aurafirm P, N, and S are hypo-allergenic in nature and non-irritating on the skin. In fact, the dermatologist present found no signs of cutaneous irritation or skin sensitisation during the study. This indicates the impressive suitability of our oat-derived ingredients for use in sensitive skin care. What’s more, it also demonstrates the ease with which brands can incorporate trend-driven claims when formulating with our dermatologically-tested ingredients.

Want the details? For the full HRIPT study results, head over to our ingredient pages and download the latest datapacks. Alternatively, for assistance with any sensitive skin care project, contact us to speak to a member of the Oat team.

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